From Small Town Kids To Global Marketing Leaders: Social Giveaways Is Making Millions In Digital Real Estate

CALIFORNIA CITY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / Most people are in agreement with how they view real estate as an investment. It’s as simple as buying a house or piece of land to rent for cash flow or sell for profit. Digital real estate works in the same way. Every domain name, Instagram handle, even the followers you accumulate on your social media, your entire online footprint is considered a form of real estate. Digital real estate is a tangible asset you can buy and sell just like a house, apartment or a lot of land.

The future is arriving faster than ever. The acceleration of technological advancements are dictating the methods humans use to interact with each other and in how we assimilate information. Digital real estate is already a lucrative business with influencers and companies generating millions of revenue on a daily basis. It provides both companies and individuals the chance to build a platform, get heard, and above all, make money on the internet. London Summers , Ryan Pownall & Justin Strong the co-founders of Social Giveaways , are delivering all of the above to their clients. The team manages global celebrity marketing campaigns, offering exclusive opportunities to influencers and brands to gain worldwide exposure through organic growth. They increase the value of their clients digital assets.

Most of the world’s industries have been disturbed in some way by Covid, but companies supplying demand for social media growth and the advancement of overall online presence have been largely insulated. It may be too early to predict the long term economic effects of the pandemic, in the interim this has been a driving force to move more business online. E-commerce sales will jump 18% this year, according to a new forecast released by eMarketer. The analyst firm estimates retail sales will drop by 10.5% this year. Companies preparing for this change in consumer behavior will thrive in this market’s climate. In the words of Mr. Summers: “The value of prime brick and mortar storefronts have lessened steadily for years; it has moved to domains and socials with engagement, that is where the new prime real estate investments are being made, it’s why shopify is now Canada’s most valuable company.”

The managing team noticed a consistent lack of quality services and limited cost effective options for growing one’s socials. They seized the opportunity to position Social Giveaways as the go to service to help personal brands and companies transfer to a digital presence. Due to social distancing many businesses had their online presence as their only source of revenue. This pandemic revealed many supply chain weaknesses, distribution inefficiencies in businesses that don’t have a robust e-commerce system and fail to implement adaptive marketing strategies. Our phones are fast becoming the baseline of where all cultural influences are shared and it is where all the attention currently is and will indefinitely be found. Each generation is increasingly looking to the internet to satisfy their consumer needs, forced retail closures have expedited this transition. Social Giveaways executive team is betting big on the permanence of this evolution in consumer behavior.

The people buying giveaway sponsor slots are typically higher net worth individuals, doctors, plastic surgeons, brands and businesses. There are many wise entrepreneurs that are already making money on the internet and know the value of what is being offered. They can’t get enough online attention and they are willing to pay handsomely for it. Sponsors pay anywhere from $3,000 upwards to $10,000, depending on the numbers of followers they think they will accumulate, how closely their follower demographics align and based on the perceived fame of the celebrity doing the giveaway. This is how Social Giveaways grossed over a quarter million in its first 6 weeks of opening the corporation. The demand outpaced the supply early on, after selling out their first campaign they quickly realized the demand for online attention was only going to increase and they needed to scratch that itch. The subsequent six weeks have seen a 75% increase in revenue, bringinging the company past the seven figure sales mark within the first quarter of operations. They are predicting to conservatively increase revenue by another 35% by the end of their second quarter. Justin explained: “We haven’t reached our capacity for campaign output. We have not allowed ourselves to detract any of our focus from our primary revenue stream, there are other services and strategies we will be looking to add to our offering in the near future. We are creating a systems dependent business that will be able to launch turnkey campaigns regardless of the changes in the industry. When starting out you have to be laser focused in your execution, we believe in the concept of essentialism: less, but better. So far it has paid dividends.”

I had the pleasure of discussing how important social media is in today’s society and how to build your digital footprint with London Summers , Ryan Pownall & Justin Strong from Social Giveaways . Here’s what they had to say:

Talk to us about your story?

“Ryan comes from a marketing background, owning the largest Beer Pong festival in the world, along with equity in several other night clubs. Preliminary sales and marketing. London is a Multi-Platinum Music producer / Songwriter who has brought his entertainment industry relationships to deliver talent. Justin Strong came on as the investment wing, adding valuable cash flow and business acumen as he is already a well established entrepreneur. Everyone involved had to tap into their personal and professional relationships to make this launch as effective as it has been.”

What is Digital Real Estate?

“Every domain name, Instagram handle, even the followers you accumulate on your social media, your entire online footprint is considered a form of digital real estate. Your Google search results and engagement metrics are how we assess property value in this world. Social Giveaways is selling access to the prime real estate, we got the Boardwalk and Park Place.”

How does a typical campaign work?

“A simplified explanation of what Social Giveaways does is we work with influencers, brands, all sizes of businesses and really anyone with an Instagram account that has a need to grow it. We use an online celebrity giveaway to gain our clients a real organic following. The followers to be gained are strategically aligned by consumer adjacency; for example, think famous models and swimwear, cannabis products and Snoop Dogg, medical aestheticians and famous plastic surgeons, etc. This yields better metrics, increases the potential for the follower to transition into a customer and assists in retaining the followers gained. Basically our company specializes in giving you credibility on the internet.”

Who are your clients?

“Entrepreneurs buy spots to gain followers in order to sell their courses or ebook,” London said. He added, “Models will do it to gain followers to increase engagement and to rationalize charging more for brand deals. Doctors do it for their credibility and to grow their personal brand. Having a powerful online presence is crucial in today’s age. Notable names like Dan Bilzerian, Ignite International, Flow water & Four Loko have participated in our giveaways.”

Grossing a million dollars in the first four months of any business is impressive, you guys did it during a pandemic. Where can you go from here? What is the future of Social Giveaways?

“We are launching our new website in the fall, at the same time we will announce a new kind of influencer campaign that no one has attempted yet. We will debut a new marketing strategy that will be fairly turnkey for us to implement. A sound infrastructure was our initial focus. Everyday our network increases, our online community has served to streamline our sales process; we are transitioning from vetting thousands of leads to sell out a single campaign, to having a waiting list. By adding more efficiency in our sales funnel we have the freedom to scale up the amount of campaigns we can oversee per month, this also affords us the luxury of launching new services with less risk. Things move very fast online, we don’t want to be playing catch up, we have to make calculated yet preemptive moves in our industry. We have a big Tyga campaign coming up this month, we will also be holding our first raise before the end of the year, the future is bright and we are looking forward to it.”

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