Sultan Capital Group Makes Urgently Needed Medical Gowns Available to Frontline Healthcare Facilities

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Medical gowns are one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19. In order to protect themselves from the coronavirus and other pathogens, frontline healthcare workers need medical gowns along with masks, plastic face shields, booties and other protective equipment. Without the disposable gowns, doctors, nurses, lab technicians and cleaners put themselves and their patients at risk. Unfortunately, there has been a serious shortage of the medical gowns due to increased global demand. One company, Sultan Capital Group, has stepped up to address the shortage.

Sultan Capital Group LLC. was founded five years ago and operates two ultra modern and sanitary manufacturing facilities in Moldova and Bangladesh. The facilities which specialize in FDA approved and testing medical gowns, have been ramping up production of personal protective equipment since the COVID-19 crisis began.

“We know how urgently these gowns and PPE are needed in hospitals and care home,” explains Guy Sultan, founder and CEO of Sultan Capital Group. “We find it deplorable to hear about long standing contracts being cancelled in favour of re-negotiated contracts that serve only to increase the profit margins of unscrupulous manufacturers. It’s not something the Sultan Groups would ever do. We would never want to increase profits by increases the prices of equipment that keeps people alive and by making the essential equipment unattainable for some healthcare facilities. We have plenty of fully tested and FDA approved medical gowns and other PPE available to be shipped immediately to any facilities that need them.”

While other manufacturers have increased prices and artificially inflated the prices the medical gowns, the Sultan Capital Group has not raised its prices and is on stand-by to ship the gowns around the world, wherever they may be needed.

Medical gowns and other personal protective equipment can be purchased by contacting the Sultan Capital Group at Medical gowns and other personal protective equipment are prepositioned in the Sultan Group warehouse in New York and is ready to be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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SOURCE: Sultan Capital Group

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