ViON Introduces New Solutions to Enterprise Cloud Portfolio

HERNDON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ViON Corporation, a cloud service provider and market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions, announced today the launch of its new cloud service offerings: Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS), Archive as-a-Service (AaaS) and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure as-a-Service (HCIaaS). These pre-defined solutions extend the ViON Enterprise Cloud (VEC) hybrid, multi-cloud portfolio to deliver private cloud solutions that equal or better the price and feature set of corresponding public cloud offerings. Each of ViON’s new aaS offerings are designed to scale, non-disruptively, as customers’ needs change.

“We are pleased to provide these new options to extend our ViON Enterprise Cloud solution capability,” said Tom Frana, Chairman and CEO of ViON. “These are ViON’s first pre-defined private cloud offerings. Object Storage, Archive and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure delivered as-a-Service allow our customers to retain control of their data on premises providing the greatest performance and flexibility to support IT modernization goals.”

Object Storage as-a-Service comes in three classes of service to meet the typical workload demands of customer environments: a single site storage bucket, a single site storage bucket with data replication for disaster recovery, and a multi-site storage bucket, with data replicated between the two active sites.

Archive as-a-Service allows organizations the ability to retain their backed-up data on premises to meet their long-term retention needs with an enterprise-grade, modular tape library or a single site storage offering.

The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure as-a-Service solutions provide five classes of service to choose from to meet customer needs for DevOps, artificial intelligence or machine learning environments, performance intensive workloads and databases, VDI workloads and applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

About ViON Corporation

ViON Corporation is a cloud service provider with over 40 years’ experience designing and delivering enterprise data center solutions for government agencies and commercial businesses. The company provides a large portfolio of IT as-a-Service, including infrastructure, multi-cloud and artificial intelligence solutions. Focused on supporting the customer’s IT modernization requirements, ViON’s Enterprise Cloud is changing cloud management for the market, providing a streamlined platform to audit and control technology in an evolving multi-cloud world. The ViON Marketplace™ allows customers to research, compare, procure and manage a full range Everything as-a-Service solutions from leading manufacturers via a single portal. ViON delivers an outstanding customer experience at every step with professional and managed services, backed by highly-trained, cleared resources. A veteran-owned company based in Herndon, Virginia, the company has field offices throughout the U.S. (


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