At Age 68, Chinese Brush Painter and Calligrapher Wu, LI-Ying Aced the Entrance Examination of the College of Art Design, Hsuan Chuang University

TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / With the COVID-19 situation stabilized, Wu, Li-Ying smoothly completed the university entrance examination and is taking courses. Sixty-eight years old, Taiwanese Chinese brush painter and calligrapher Wu, Li-Ying has been a student of Chinese brush painting for more than 30 years. She took first place in the entrance exam to become the most senior student of the College of Art Design, Hsuan Chuang University.

Due to the breakout of COVID-19, many universities are still not open yet. Now that the epidemic condition is relatively stable in Taiwan and the study and entrance exams have already been completed, students are enjoying their summer break and starting to prepare for next semester’s courses. Taiwan is moving toward an aging society, and people are thus paying more attention to retirement preparations. Under a diversified education system, people are encouraged to return to school for study.

Located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the College of Art Design, Hsuan Chuang University recently announced the entrance exam score of 68-year-old Chinese brush painter and calligrapher Wu, Li-Ying, who got top marks and has become the oldest freshman of that college. Wu, Li-Ying said that people should follow their hearts at any age. This opportunity to study across the field means a most beautiful start and resilience for the second half of her life.

Wu, Li-Ying started learning Chinese brush painting more than 30 years ago. In her creative life, she received first place in the Golden Wheel Awards in the Chinese brush painting category, issued by the Hsinchu General Union and was the first Chinese brush painter and calligrapher to win a gold medal in Chinese brush painting from the Chinese Art and Culture Exchange Association. She has spared no effort in the exchange of art and culture across the strait. She was arranged as the Persona of Cross-Strait Contemporary Chinese Painting and Calligraphy several times. She was invited to participate in cross-strait Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibitions and to perform on site many times. Her works have been preciously collected by Guangrao County Art Museum and White Crane Ridge Underwater Museum in Chungching.

Hsuan Chuang University values the development of cultural and social science knowledge and its incorporation with the college of art design, focusing on painting, craft, and design courses to contribute new vitality to Taiwanese art and culture. Wu, Li-Ying yearns for the campus life to get involved with diversified art knowledge and create works full of vitality via innovative painting skills. Meanwhile, learning together with young students may energize her spirit and lifestyle.

Wu, Li-Ying said that now is the start of the second essential time of life to pursue her dream in her own time. She is aggressively preparing for her “second life” after retirement to learn new knowledge through various methods and actively participate in diverse events to create the next part of her brilliant story.

(via Wu Li-Ying Art Gallery)

(via Wu Li-Ying Art Gallery)

(via Wu Li-Ying Art Gallery)

(via Wu Li-Ying Art Gallery)


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