Blockchain Company’s Security Token Offering Launch

Blockchain Company’s third funding round will help build an inclusive tokenized utility ecosystem for consumers.

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2020 / BlockchainCompany Ltd, launched an EU Equity Security Token Offering on July 1 on the Black Manta Investment Platform, a BaFin-licensed Multi-STO-Platform and regulated Broker/Dealer in Germany. Blockchain Company aims to build the next tokenized utility ecosystem, making their tokenized utilities easy to use and available to everyone.

Blockchain Company has innovated token economic dynamics that are embedded deeply into the DNA of its utilities. By building accessible tokenized platforms, the company hopes to make them more egalitarian for consumers, while helping humanize technology.

Technological advancements since commercialisation of the internet, have helped improve market efficiencies and exponential growth for enterprise and startups. However, these 4th industrial technology advancements have led to unintended consequences for humans, including wealth concentration, rising inequality, data privacy issues, surveillance capitalism and workforce displacement due to automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. Also, Universal Basic Income very much talked about is not a panacea.

“Tokenization through blockchain smart contracts, offers opportunities to open new business models for consumer inclusion. This could offset negative trends arising from technology,” Head of Partnerships Philippe Engels says. “Token utilities can allow consumers to participate in growth of the platform through incentive rewards and at the same time, provide potential exits through regulated crypto & digital asset exchanges for investors.”

BlockchainCompany Ltd, is the holding company for three main tokenized MVP utilities, including their interoperable applications, all of which aim to tap into multi-trillion-dollar markets, post-COVID-19. These projects include 1) Blockabase – the world’s first tokenized search engine of its kind, 2) BiCstreet – geophysical co-trading spaces similar to coworking, including an online financial, technology & legal social utility, and 3) Blockchain Valley – a sandboxed ecommerce utility platform and geophysical smart community, focusing specifically on 4th industrial revolution technologies. Blockchain Valley will be submitted for French SEC “AMF” ICO regulated approval after the Blockchain Company STO.

Blockchain Company conducted two successful seed rounds over the last two years, raising EUR 2.5 million at a valuation of EUR 25 million from a family office. With the equity security token offering, it aims to raise EUR 10 million from Institutional Investors & HNWIs. This regulated STO equity sale, will help accelerate Blockchain Company’s product launches, revenue monetization, sales and marketing, and ultimate utility token listings.

Investors who participate in Blockchain Company’s Security Token Offering can take future exits on Archax Digital Asset Exchange when listed. Archax when fully launched, is a leading UK FCA regulated exchange, focusing on institutional investments. Blockchain Company STO investors will also benefit from pro-rata utility tokens, when distributed from what percent the company retains. This provides further incentives to invest.

Q&A session

Blockchain Company’s core team will hold a Q&A web session on 15 July 2020 at 4pm CEST. Robert Haastrup-Timmi, founder and CVO, Marina Mancho, Head of legal and Philippe Engels, Head of partnerships will answer your questions. To receive the invitation by email, simply register here.

About Blockchain Company

BlockchainCompany Ltd, is a UK-based startup building its Tokenized Ecosystem of utilities, aiming to make a meaningful global impact through tokens as a means of commerce and potential crypto-exchange value, with 7.5 billion potential end users for inclusivity.

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