Controllis delivers a unique solution for easy renewables upgrades of telecoms exchanges

Innovative solution improves reliability, cuts costs and delivers greener networks

Fixed and broadband telecoms operators can now quickly and easily upgrade their legacy exchanges to use renewable energy sources, thanks to the new SMART EXCHANGE POWER solution from Controllis. Switching to renewables will make the exchanges more reliable while cutting energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint.

Telecoms service continuity has become critically important as more organisations transition to remote working. To ensure businesses and communities remain constantly connected, many operators need to increase the backup power capacity and the autonomy of their telecom exchanges. Some of these exchanges and power systems are decades old but still perfectly functional – though they may not always provide the levels of power backup required today. This presents a number of challenges, including: lack of space or building difficulties within the exchanges; reuse of existing power system assets; and the capital cost of retro-fitting renewable energy.

Controllis Smart Exchange Power solves these challenges by providing tightly integrated lithium ion battery banks, solar arrays and generators outside the legacy telecom exchange buildings. Working directly with the legacy exchange power systems, Smart Exchange Power provides increased battery backup, reduced carbon footprint and remote control and data analytics of both the existing and new power infrastructure.

“Operators can easily provide more reliable, sustainable energy to their exchanges and reduce costs across their business,” says Simon Albury, Managing Director of Controllis. “Using our power and software expertise we can show how much power an exchange is saving by using lithium batteries and solar energy and we can save operational costs by remotely testing and exercising the existing exchange lead acid batteries and generators.”

Smart Exchange Power will have a real impact for operators. Their exchanges can quickly and easily be upgraded using sustainable power sources and this makes them more reliable. Operators save money on energy expenditure and internal operational and maintenance costs. Comprehensive, easy to understand reports on the environmental impact and carbon savings they are achieving at their exchanges also help operators meet their corporate carbon reduction targets.

About Controllis
Controllis is a power systems hardware and software company headquartered in the UK, with customers on 5 continents. Our products range from standalone DC generator units up to fully integrated hybrid renewable smart power systems with cloud-based remote management and data analytics. Our mission is to provide cost-effective power anywhere, using our unique technology to deliver reduced operating costs and provide remote intelligence using our deep data approach.

Source: RealWire

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