Derrick Grace II is Building an Informative and Educational Business Empire

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / In a world run by money, making one wrong move can be incredibly costly. Unfortunate circumstances or financial mistakes can be crippling, and in extreme cases, leave an individual or family without food or shelter. Luckily, individuals like Derrick Grace II are stepping up and focusing on financial and general lifestyle education with their business endeavors.

Grace has been building himself an impressive vehicle of success for years, spanning across several different entrepreneurial moves. However, while growing a comfortable living for himself and his family, he has always put an emphasis on educating and providing the tools for others to do the same.

Over the years, Grace has been a #1 best selling author, selling over 50,000 books independently, covering a wide range of topics from child education, co-parenting, gun education, and curriculum. In addition to his educational series of books, Grace launched a board game called “In Home Banking”, which is described as “edutainment”, providing an entertaining educational experience. The game covers various topics from financial literacy to small business ownership, and so far has sold over 8,000 copies.

To keep the ball moving, Grace launched a movement he calls “The Unlearn and Relearn Movement”. The movement focuses on “financial independence, self-will, ownership, and family business”. Grace founded the Independent Unlearn and Relearn Academy to further fortify his movement.

Over the years, Grace has built an astonishing social media presence of nearly 1,000,000 followers across all platforms and has used his pedestal on social media to push his educational movement and content to his fans. The Unlearn and Relearn Movement continues to grow and reach a larger audience every day, educating more and more people about essential life skills.

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