How Entrepreneur Chris Choi Went from a Dental School Dropout to Airbnb Millionaire

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10 2020 / Chris Choi’s main business is in the hospitality industry, along with 6 others he operates. Chris is well-known for his social media as an Airbnb millionaire. He earned this title by being a top 1% earner in Airbnb. Chris officially made his first million at the age of 27 as a serial entrepreneur. He now owns 7 businesses at the age of 28 but most importantly, they are all automated which means he has the freedom to work whenever and wherever he wants to. This flexible lifestyle was what Chris strived for and gave him the ability to travel as well. Many people might assume Chris Choi was an overnight success, however that is not the case.

Chris is an immigrant who came to the US not knowing a word of english, having income, or any direction on where to go. He came from a very humble background where he witnessed his parents working very hard 7 days a week to provide for the family. What makes Chris Choi unique is that he lives everyday with the belief that anyone can reform the limitations or boundaries that they are led to believe they have. Many people will have these narratives in their head that they could never achieve the same level of success as others or that they are not capable of taking another path than what they feel they are supposed to be on. Chris’s mindset and perspective on life is what sets him apart from these people. He says “A great life seems to be challenging to most people because they are not willing to sacrifice and do things that the 1% minorities are and work so hard towards.”

Chris Choi knew he did not want to depend on a linear source of income, so he worked tirelessly to develop skill sets to build multiple streams of stable, passive, and leveraged income sources. Chris first went to dental school with the dreams of becoming an oral surgeon but quickly realized how much debt this would put him in and decided to make a passive income while going to school. He thought creatively on how to do this and decided to invest in the real estate market with rental arbitration, which is renting an apartment or house and subleasing it legally. It is Chris’s mindset and determination that pushed him to success.

One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is building a winning positive mindset. In Chris’s opinion, “If someone is creative, passionate and most importantly resourceful enough, they can raise capital and expand their network. Anything is possible as long as one has the winning mindset. Mindset and psychology is controlling 90% of all businesses and knowing that as an owner will help you strive for success.” Chris’s advice for aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs is to be brave enough to start and focus less on planning the “perfect business” but instead use that time to take massive action to start the business.

An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is what will determine the projection of their business. Chris Choi transformed his perception of fear into the drive for his business. He learned to make his emotion of fear become a catalyst for his business. It can’t be denied that fear exists and is a factor in starting a business, however it is how you perceive that fear and act on it that changes the trajectory of your company. On the contrary, success to Chris means finding happiness in everyday life doing what he loves. He acknowledges that most people measure success by how much money you have, however the real success should be measured by how much happiness you have doing what you love.

Chris Choi differentiates himself from competition by making good judgements and learning from other people’s mistakes. One of the best ways to do this is through a mentor who has already made those mistakes in the past. Chris highlights the fact that mentors can give you guidance and strategies that can help you avoid making those critical mistakes that they have made before. Because of all that mentors can do and help with, Chris has mentors in almost every aspect of his life. This differentiates himself from competition because he is always learning from someone on a similar path who is 10 years ahead of him.

As for what is next for Chris Choi, he is currently working on a new tech company which will solve a huge problem in the real-estate industry. Since Chris learned and grew so much from his mentors, he has now himself mentored over 100 people and changed their financial life completely by helping them to create a stable passive income through Airbnb. Chris brings attention to the importance of mindset and mentors when starting your own business and that anyone can achieve greatness through making sacrifices and putting in hard work. To continue along with Chris Choi’s journey and learn more about his business, click here.


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