Trailblazing Portfolio Manager Gregg Fisher Launches Quent Capital

Strategy Offers a New Approach to Investing in Today’s Global Creative Disruption

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gregg Fisher, portfolio manager and factor investing pioneer, today announced the launch of Quent Capital, the second investment firm founded by Fisher. Quent Capital will be based in New York City and will focus on a global small cap long/short strategy.

Over the course of his 30-year career in investment management, Fisher has developed and fine-tuned innovative investment strategies over multiple market cycles and constructed institutional-grade investment operations. Known as a research-driven, quant-focused investor, Fisher has a history of launching strategies when their respective asset classes were out of favor; each time, he produced a track record that matched or exceeded the relevant benchmarks over investment periods of more than a decade.

“Quantitative investing and entrepreneurship are my passions in life and form the basis of this new venture and the word ‘Quent,’” says Fisher. “With small, entrepreneurial companies now able to source top talent from around the world and acquire institutional-grade technology at low cost, dynamic firms with disruptive technologies and services will be able to meet the challenges of the turbulence and dislocations in today’s economy and forge ahead. I am excited to focus my attention on helping qualified investors systematically and thoughtfully gain exposure to the surge in innovation that I am anticipating we will see across the world.”

In 1993, Fisher founded Gerstein Fisher, a quantitative investment firm that was one of the first investment managers to offer factor investing. In the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis, the firm launched three factor-based strategies, helping to pioneer factor investing in the global growth stock and global REIT asset classes. Fisher was the highly ranked, sole portfolio manager for these strategies, which matched or exceeded their respective benchmarks. In 2016, with more than $4 billion in assets under management and advisement, Fisher sold Gerstein Fisher to People’s United Bank. Today, in the face of recent growth of large cap and private equity investment, Fisher is choosing to focus on global small cap public equities.

“It is my belief that public equity is a more cost-effective and nimble way to participate in today’s global creative disruption than private equity, which tends to overpay for assets,” comments Fisher. “Quent will combine academic research and quantitative analysis to systematically measure characteristics such as R&D, brand and human capital that allow small companies to succeed but generally have been ignored by traditional accounting measures and the public markets.”

The strategy was originally run out of the Fisher family office, and a significant portion of Fisher’s liquid assets are invested in the fund, keeping his interests aligned with those of investors.

About Quent Capital

Quent Capital is an asset management firm that offers a new vision for investing in global innovation. Founded and managed by investing pioneer Gregg Fisher, Quent Capital features a growth-oriented long/short equity strategy focused on global small company stocks.

Quent’s investment approach melds the discipline of academic research and quantitative analysis with the energy and intuition of successful entrepreneurs to systematically measure some of the hidden and intangible characteristics that make entrepreneurs—and the companies they build—truly great.

About Gregg S. Fisher

Gregg S. Fisher founded one of the first investment managers to offer factor investing, Gerstein Fisher, in 1993. Perhaps best known for his innovative multi-factor strategies developed at Gerstein Fisher, Fisher skillfully bridges the investing and research communities through active engagement with an international network of highly respected academicians. He funds, supports and works with academic partners at multiple universities and research centers to conduct cutting-edge, proprietary research projects that help to inform his investment strategies. In 2009, Fisher founded the Gerstein Fisher Research Center, which collaborated with leading academics in the areas of finance, risk management and economics, to apply theoretical research concepts to real-world challenges facing individual investors. Some of Fisher’s most important research contributions to investment science include quantifying the value-add of the investment advisor; replicating hedge fund returns through more liquid, transparent investment strategies; and quantifying the excess returns attributable to the small country factor.

Fisher is on the program committee of the Q Group, a 50-year-old organization that promotes global investment management by bringing together investment professionals and leading scholars who are conducting advanced research in the field of quantitative finance. He has served as a guest lecturer for the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, New York University, Columbia University, McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, Cornell Business School and Harvard University. In 2018, he was named to The University at Buffalo’s Board of Trustees and is now Chair of the billion-plus dollar endowment/foundation. The following year, he established the Fisher Research Collaborative within the university’s School of Management to promote data-driven interdisciplinary research. Throughout his career, Fisher has advised and learned from fellow entrepreneurs as an active member of business leader organizations including YPO, CEO, Vistage and Tiger 21.


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