Meet the Body Transformation Coach that Helps Entrepreneurs Reach their Body Goals in 90 Days or Less

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2020 / Life changing body transformation coach J.Lopez is helping entrepreneurs realize their physical and mental potential by creating specialized programs that allow them to increase their confidence and business productivity in 90 days or less.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Atlanta, J.Lopez has understood the value of discipline and hard work from an early age. His path to where he excels today was not always immediately clear, but by understanding his circumstances and taking control of his own life, J created an environment that would allow him and those he worked with to succeed.

During his four years of service in the U.S. Navy, J honed his physical training and disciplinary skills to an elite degree, experiencing two deployments in various at sea operations. J’s training provided him with an excellent foundation, both mentally and physically, equipping him with the necessary tools to make a difference in both his life and the lives of others.

Upon returning home, J set forth on a number of ventures before making the full transition into personal training and acquiring his Personal Training/Nutrition Specialist Certification in 2015. He spent time with a wide variety of clients in a more traditional, larger gym setting before deciding it was time to make a change that would fully unlock his potential.

Leaving his job in 2017, J started his own personal training business in his garage, with no more than $150 and few dumbbells to his name. This was a huge and dangerous step in the eyes of others, but J understood that if he were to really excel like he believed he could, he needed to break away from a caged-in, undeveloping environment and forge the circumstances that would allow him to grow.

Even with his severely limited resources, J realized that the skills he had sharpened over the years were the real service he would be providing. Anyone could have specialized equipment or a fancy workspace, but J’s real understanding of his clients, alongside his ability to craft personally actionable programs, would be the difference maker.

Over the next year, J spent countless hours networking and forging relationships with those who were hungry for real changes in their personal health. He realized, with most of his interactions happening online, that being truly genuine set him apart and forged strong connections that yielded significantly beneficial results. He wanted his clients to be the face of his business rather than the superfluous, self facing glamour many trainers made central to their brand.

While he was crafting the foundation of his business, J began to see his own health slip away, both mentally and physically. He wanted to attack this as effectively as possible, so he created a 90 day program that would address his physical training directly related to his struggles as an emerging entrepreneur.

Finding great success with this initiative, J decided to make it a central part of his business, offering the 90 day program to entrepreneurs who were struggling to find time to take control of their health. Reflecting on his own experiences as a business owner, J understood the desire to get in shape but not necessarily having the information or accountability to do so successfully.

In working with J, entrepreneurs are given a program tailored to their own skill sets and lifestyle. At the same time, J excels in implementing entrepreneurial methods and mindsets that will allow training to be accessible and achievable to entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Specializing in coaching entrepreneurs, J realized the core of his business and a steady stream of success. But with the pandemic creating a larger need for at home workouts, J quickly masterminded what he would eventually name The Quaran-Train Challenge, due to the fact that he was in quarantine during its creation and production. This challenge reached more of his followers and also gave them the motivation and guidance to stay in shape from home, even with no access to gym equipment.

He had typically found the excess of internet workout “challenges” and the like to be low level and ineffective. But in dedicating significant resources in videography, personalized meal plans, and exercise construction, Joseph was able to construct a challenge he found unique and effective. In 30 days, 150 people joined the challenge and many experienced significant results. J has already launched his 2nd challenge with the same level of dedication and legitimate results to prove it.

For more information on J. Lopez’s 90 Day Body Transformations and other programs visit or his Instagram.

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Written By: Troy Thomason

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