PervasID and CribMaster, a Division of Stanley Black & Decker, Introduce The Most Accurate Intelligent Toolbox Cabinet Inventory and Tracking Solution Globally

Cambridge, UK 10th September 2020 PervasID, the fast-growing technology company that designs and supplies world-leading, passive (battery-free) RFID fixed reader systems for automating inventory tracking, today announces that its technology is being used by CribMaster, a division of Stanley Black & Decker, to introduce the world’s most accurate intelligent toolbox cabinet with in-built inventory and tool tracking capabilities. The toolbox cabinets are aimed specifically at addressing major challenges in manufacturing such as help reducing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in the aviation industry. CribMaster cabinets enabled by PervasID’s unique passive RFID reader solution provide real time accuracy of up to 99.9%. With far greater accuracy, range and speed than any other RFID readers on the market, PervasID technology means that every tool (up to 500) in a RFID-enabled CribMaster cabinet can be tracked in seconds.

It is estimated that FOD costs the aviation industry $13 Billion per year in direct and indirect costs, including flight delays, plane changes and fuel inefficiencies. Consequently, accountability for every tool is critical. The positive tool control technology developed by CribMaster, enabled by PervasID, addresses this concern directly. The CribMaster Accu line enabled by PervasID reads the passive (battery-free) RFID tag on a tool to guarantee the tool is in the cabinet and not left behind on the aircraft. Demand for the solution is so great that hundreds of units have already been deployed in one of North America’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

Larry Harper, Founder, CribMaster “Ultra-high accuracy and speed is fundamental to a production line process where safety is the number one priority. PervasID’s passive RFID systems are capable of detecting all tagged items in just a few seconds, giving the aviation industry the accuracy levels and visibility needs for decisive decision making.”

Sabesan Sithamparanathan, Founder & CEO, PervasID “Jointly working with CribMaster, PervasID have solved the historical poor accuracy issues of tool tracking using our ground-breaking passive RFID innovation from the University of Cambridge. PervasID are excited to explore a joint vision of extending the solution in ways which will further develop embedded internet of things (IOT) with Artificial intelligence (AI). Future applications may include intelligent asset tracking and safety systems to truly transform the market.”

About PervasID-is a fast-growing technology company that designs and supplies world-leading, passive (battery-free) RFID fixed reader systems for automating inventory tracking, stock taking and asset management processes. Our patented products are enabling organisations across a wide range of markets to streamline processes by providing unparalleled visibility into goods, assets and people. No other solution on the market today can offer such accuracy, speed and cost effectiveness.

About CribMaster-a division of STANLEY BLACK & DECKER®— is the global leader in inventory and asset management solutions for a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Our industry leading, software enabled products like ProLock™, AccuDrawer™, FlipTop™ and ProStock™, simplify how our customers work. Backed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated problem-solvers, CribMaster makes progress easier to manage.

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Sabesan Sithamparanathan; Tel: +44 (0)1223 422 383

Candice Tobbo; Tel: +44 (0)7719 042 599

Source: RealWire

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