Andre Bland Went From Artist To Entrepreneur When He Wanted To Find An Opportunity That Provided For More Freedom

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / From artists to entrepreneur, Andre Bland has had quite a change-up in terms of his career choices. When he originally started working, he was an owner of an art company who traveled across the country making art, but he decided that there was more that he wanted to do with his career.

“A few years back, I was working as a full-time artist, owning my own art company, while also contracting with other companies, drawing around the country, booking artists for events, and occasionally doing commission pieces for clients. And while I wasn’t too shabby financially, I was never really passionate about art. And I also didn’t like the fact that I could never seem to escape the work. I couldn’t actually live “freely” even while owning my own company. I believe my initial desire was to find a way to do something I loved while also not having to work so hard all the time,” Andre recounts.

Andre started looking for something more that interested him and would be more lucrative. That is when he discovered the world of eCommerce. Not only was he very good at it, but it also provided a great option when the pandemic hit.

“I began looking into options for a way out. I also was anticipating a dip in the market and wanted to work fast. One thing that really piqued my interest was the automated e-commerce market. Initially, I was planning to go that route. I began the process of credit repair, bank funding, COVID hit, and here I am now. I went an entirely different route. And honestly, I’m not in the least bit upset. I still plan to buy some e-com stores. But I’m definitely in a much better position and quite enjoy how things have unfolded. In my opinion, it’s easier to grow by acquisitions than by one’s own efforts. And there’s also a lot more freedom, without having to do all of the work of a lot of coaches having to constantly produce content over and over and over. Add investing in the mix, and it’s a killer combo,” Andre explains.

Now, Andre runs his own acquisition and investment company. He does not worry about the competition or others but rather focuses on himself and working to make himself even better and more successful.

“I’m not competing with anyone other than myself. I don’t even care about the competition. They’re not on my radar. But if I must really go into how I stand out, one, I have a lot of spending power, arguably more than most of the top coaches. Two, I have nothing to prove, so I don’t have to talk about everything I’m doing. I’ll let my results speak for themselves. And lastly, I have a history of making it to the top of nearly every field I’ve ever been in. This will be no different,” Andre says.

After being able to find success in the toughest of times throughout the pandemic, Andre has a few pieces of advice for those who are also interested in starting their own businesses. His biggest piece of advice is to find a mentor.

“Find a reliable mentor of some sort. It’ll save you years of heartache and turmoil. And I know many of these coaches and mentors are shit and are only after money. I’ve hired many coaches. A good chunk let me down. But eventually, you’ll find one that you resonate with, that can guide you along a solid path to success. It’s better to learn from someone that’s been through the grinder than to try and figure it out on your own,” Andre advises.

To find out more about Andre, you can follow him on Instagram here.

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