Asset-Based Token brikCOIN, Backed by Sustainable Real Estate and Energy, Has Been Accepting Bitcoin for the Past Three Years

LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / Today, the UK firm brikCOIN, which launched its asset-backed token in 2018 for the purpose of providing affordable housing in the UK, has extended its asset base to commercial real estate and long-term recurring revenue energy utility contracts. brikCoin has also been accepting Bitcoin as payment for its tokens to build support using the best-performing crypto-asset out there.

At a time of serious crises, a greener, more responsible world beckons, one that is also certain to be a more digitized, crypto-friendly world. In harmony with these parallel trends, the core concept of brikCOIN is to secure asset-based crypto tokens linked to sustainable real estate and energy projects – physical assets with promising scope for future growth.

James Hare, the Founder and CEO of brikCOIN, shares a key attribute with Tesla’s Elon Musk: an exceptional sense of foresight and a faith in the future of the crypto industry. Three years after James founded brikCOIN, Elon Musk and Tesla are now investing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and plan to take payment in Bitcoin for their vehicles. This bold step has given a rocket boost to the cryptocurrency market, which less than a year ago had a total value of under $200 billion and today has reached over $1.3 trillion. All this helps to solidify the future of brikCOIN.

brikCOIN is holding a private token sale of 20 million coins only from its treasury. Buyers may utilize Bitcoin or other pre-approved cryptos/fiat currencies. All tokens from this private treasury sale will have a preferred annual return of 5%, early access to new offers, and company-related insights and updates. Considering the increasing demand globally for sustainable real estate and carbon-neutral energy, making investments promptly with brikCOIN is an excellent way to own tangible assets with an ecologically sound profile and a breakthrough crypto-based financing model. The private token treasury sale of brikCOIN will end on April 18. With now billions worth of commercial real estate and energy in hand, brikCoin is utilizing smart contracts securely on the Blockchain.

When brikCOIN’s tokens are utilized to buy and sell products and services, smart contracts on the Blockchain do the heavy lifting. James Hare has outlined how smart contracts work in brikCOIN as follows:

  • When an asset produces value in real property and/or energy, a smart contract is automatically triggered, helping to calculate the buy/sell price of the real estate or energy asset in local crypto/fiat currency.
  • This is then priced accordingly based on current market exchange rates controlled by the open market, and the correct dividend given to signatories of the Smart Contract.
  • The transfer of value is recorded on the Blockchain and can be verified in perpetuity.

This is the true meaning of a utility token – a token that provides payment for tangible assets or services.

Hedge fund manager Alif Chatur said “Dynamic ownership and transfer of real assets being controlled through the blockchain is the future and creates real value for tokens.” when asked what he thought about brikCOIN. He also said “What brikCOIN is planning to do with their crypto currency, being tied to assets as well as energy contracts creates a solid investment opportunity. It follows what Chamath Palihapitiya said about the future opportunities in the energy sector.”

brikCOIN will do the following with its brikCOIN tokens:

  • Investments into sustainable real estate and alternative energy developments
  • Pre-sales for commercial and residential real estate within brikCOIN developments
  • Realize a payment system, offering discounted utility services, for commercial and residential project property owners and operators

brikCOIN Ltd. for the last three years, ahead of Elon Musk and Tesla, has been building its portfolio, utilizing Bitcoin and other cryptos/fiat currencies. The project now moves into 2021 with billions of dollars in sustainable real estate and alternative energy projects already underway, according to James Hare. To learn more about brikCOIN and the private token sale, visit the website at Or you can head on over and purchase brikCOIN today.

brikCOIN Ltd. has also recently partnered with a web development company Klizo Solutions, that has a background in blockchain development. The founder Joseph Ricard, has created numerous technology projects, web applications, and even facial recognition software that works with vending machines. They plan on assisting with the smart contracts, and helping to integrate brikCOIN into the technology of the real estate projects. Klizo Solution’s background in blockchain, IoT, and building mobile apps makes them a great partner to work with when rolling out the next phases of the projects.

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