Floyx and OkCash Integration: How These Platforms Will Work Together

GZIRA, MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / Following its procedure to integrate with the growing and customer-friendly cryptocurrencies, Floyx has integrated OkCash on its platform. This integration comes with several benefits for the OkCash community and Floyx users. Floyx is a much-needed substitute that is dedicated to the cryptocurrency traffic and allows inclusive community engagement.

Floyx and OkCash Integration
As the cryptocurrency ecosystem expands, the community is faced with two outcomes. One, they stand to gain from authentic and highly profitable projects. Second, they are equally vulnerable to incur a loss at the behest of scams, faulty algorithms, and rug pulls.

Integration between Floyx and OkCash means that the users will get authentic information from the OkCash team. This symbiotic relationship between Floyx and OkCash will benefit the users of both the platforms in multiple ways. Floyx gives access to easy to understand and user-generated information to the platform, OkCash helps streamline the payment system and reward distribution program curated by Floyx for the community.

Furthermore, Floyx users can earn OkCash for free by staking and getting access to a passive income source. They will also benefit from the low (if not the lowest) transaction fee proffered by any cryptocurrency platform.

With this integration Floyx users will be able to capitalize on comprehensive functionalities and features of the cryptocurrency. OkCash in return will get access to free marketing because Floyx is predominantly a social media platform.

It will help OkCash increase the transaction frequency and earn more in terms of gas fees. Floyx gives user not only theoretical information about the currencies, but also helps them to understand and interact, as well as earn via the best ways possible.

Working for the Community
After the integration, the community can get free OkCash via airdrops run by Floyx. For this integration, Floyx commented, We have established official cooperation with the OkCash Project. We have many plans that we will start implementing soon. We are excited to work with such an experienced team.”

So everything that is done on OkCash, like the new OK Client release named Aether, is accessible to the Floyx users. Floyx users will also be able to get first-hand practical information about all such updates.

Working on such aspects, Floyx will help spread the word among their community and bring benefits, creating a win-win situation for everyone, the provider, the intermediator, and the consumer.

OkCash and Floyx integration are important also from the perspective of users and providers. It is a partnership that will help both platforms, where Floyx is the vessel of information and OkCash is the repository of better potential earnings, earn and retain loyal customers.

Three Types of Accounts and Verification Systems on Floyx
With Floyx, users will receive filtered information leading them to invest and engage with only trusted cryptocurrencies where they stand to gain.

On this project’s platform three types of users can make an account – organizations, startups, and individuals. The platform has dedicated features and verification systems for each type of user account. Individuals have to verify the provided details, organizations and startups have to complete other KYC formalities in order to use Floyx.

Every type of user will get access to requisite features and get similar benefits. Without verifying their accounts, the organizations and startups cannot interact on the platform. They are supposed to send a message via Twitter to Floyx from the company account. Other than this, Floyx asks for documents related to the startup and organizations.

Once verified, individuals can access information about the top-performing cryptocurrencies. The startups and organizations will get access to the management dashboards which will help them get performance analytics about their assets.

What is OkCash?
OkCash is an intuitive peer-to-peer electronic cash transaction system built to enhance the speed, efficiency, and security working on the principles of decentralization. It has evolved from a hybrid currency to a Proof of Stake system which has made the platform sustainable and faster.

About Floyx
Floyx is predominantly a social media for the cryptocurrency community. It works like Facebook or Twitter allowing the users to post and publish articles. Floyx is also a repository with authentic cryptocurrency related information.

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