Heiko Saxo – the car artist literally struck!

From the original parts of a 250 GT 12 sculptures were created in Weert Netherlands. Another work of art rears up around the sculptures. The 4.50 m tall horse made of steel with the legendary components of the Testarossa, Daytona Spyder from 1969 and 275 GTB from 1965.

Heiko Saxo discovered his sculptural elements hidden in a back hall in Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and also in southern Italy. Dusty and covered, Saxo recognized the silhouettes of the unaffordable supercars.

The passion of Heiko Saxo, who transforms the motorsport world into works of art in shapes, colors and tones.

As a declaration of love to the master of construction and motorsport, Heiko Saxo dedicates his red collection.

The Saxo Bank of Art will present the Ferrari sculptures that are for sale.

Those interested in the exhibits contact: info@goldenheartsneverdie.com

Luise Böttcher

Source: RealWire

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