A Mortgage Agency Giving Clients A Financial Education For Their Financial Freedom

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / There is no more important time to have a home than during a pandemic. While many mortgage agencies have shaved their operations to half or less of what they normally operate on, there is a mortgage agency that is still full steam ahead. For Royalty Financial Group, it’s business as usual, and their mortgage agents are still hard at work helping clients get mortgage qualified and start financing their homes. This is one mortgage agency that is ready to adapt with the times and continues to provide excellent services to their clients.

Royalty Financial Group is a mortgage agency with several years of experience in the mortgage field and a highly qualified team of agents. Their promise is prime service and fast turnaround times and a mission to see their clients live financially free lives, free of debt. They achieve this with a simple mortgage approval process that places emphasis on delivering a customized solution for their client’s mortgage needs.

We approached the owner of Royalty Financial Group; Pardeep Pabla, and one of his new and upcoming agents: Upraaj Dulai, to give us a better idea of the culture and goals of the company. Upraaj had this to share, “Most of us here in Royalty Financial Group know from experience how hard it is working general labour, bouncing around jobs, or saving up enough for anything. Many people, a huge portion of our clients, are just regular people trying to build a better life. We want to help them do that.” The difficulty maintaining finances despite working hard is a huge pain point for the agency’s client market. Hence the focus of Royalty Financial Group is providing their clients some much-needed avenues for financial freedom.

Pardeep further expounded upon the importance of their clients’ financial freedom, “I feel that many suffer from a lack of knowledge of how to achieve financial freedom, and it’s scary. People need to know the difference between good and bad debt as well as over-leveraging their debts. Some people do know the difference between good and bad debt but often over leverage this debt. We sometimes act as a stop-gap to any irresponsible financial or mortgage moves. Instead, we provide the guidance and advice to our clients so they can make the life-changing decisions themselves.” The owner stated.

The main focus of Royalty Financial Group is to provide a hassle-free mortgage process that educates and guides rather than simply expediting the steps for a quick turnaround. Make no mistake though, the mortgage brokers of this agency know what they’re doing, and they do it fast. “The importance of achieving financial freedom in life can’t be understated. We at Royalty Financial Group have the ability to provide people with financing options to obtain their dream home as well as expand their businesses in order to secure their own path to financial freedom. We’re able to do this quickly because of our full arsenal of mortgage tools, along with our expertise in finances, and our dedication to customer satisfaction.” Upraaj surmised.

Yet, what makes this mortgage agency unique is their approach to tackling their client’s hurdles on the way to financial freedom. Royalty Financial Group’s agents first meet with a client for an initial session to grasp their situation and goals in order to produce a mortgage solution that is tailor-fitted to guarantee the desired result. What makes them different from their competition is that they have more than just mortgages under one roof and are extremely creative when it comes to producing lending solutions, thanks to their amazing relationship with lenders, and most importantly – the relationship they build with their clients. With a great drive to grow and spread their unique brand of mortgage service, this mortgage agency is still looking to make big waves in the industry.


Pardeep: 647 762 6950

Upraaj: 647 824 1138



SOURCE: Royalty Financial Group

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