Recruitmently is a New SaaS Platform That Allows Job Seekers to Connect with Dedicated Expert Recruiters to Help Them Secure Top Tech, Finance, Business and Design Roles

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2021 / Recruitmently is a digital platform that was created to help job seeking candidates secure top roles with the support of seasoned recruiters.

This innovative platform was developed with the objective of helping candidates secure top roles with the support of dedicated recruitment consultants.

The platform works like any marketplace: candidates are able to browse through a list of hand vetted and talented recruiters. After they find the most suitable and industry coinciding expert, they can connect through the platform’s built-in messaging system, as well by email or phone call so the candidate can precisely convey his request. From there on, the expert recruiter will coach the candidate through one-on-one support sessions in a number of areas that can positively impact their job search outcome. These areas include, professional resume building, application submission, interview preparation, showcasing strong points and improving weak ones and overall career coaching.

The direct benefits candidates get from using the platform are vast. By having direct contact with experienced industry seasoned recruiters that have built long standing relationships with niche hiring companies, they have exclusive access to jobs that may not even be available elsewhere.
Also, they can leverage the recruiter’s industry experience to receive exclusive advice on real life specific situations regarding their ongoing applications, tips on how to overcome certain barriers or scenarios within the specific interview process and get professional feedback as well.

One of Recruitmently’s top C-Level officials stated “We all know that finding a job is challenging no matter what stage you are at, in your career. Having a little… and most importantly proper help can go a long way for candidates to deal with the complexities of job hunting. Recruitmently is here to get that done for them. By giving candidates a platform to connect with dedicated recruiters, they can easily get expert guidance, advice and feedback along their job searching process. Working one-on-one with a recruiter will make it easier for them to explore the right available jobs, get more call-backs, ensuring they are sending their applications to the ‘yes’ pile, smash interviews and get the best job for them in every aspect.

Job searching and career paths is an extremely sensitive issue for anyone, to make sure every single candidate is truly connected with a real expert, we made sure all the recruiters in the platform are carefully hand vetted and background checked professionals by Recruitmently’s team. Candidates can rely that whoever they are connecting through the platform, they are verified and referenced in their field. None of our listed professionals will send candidates on endless interviews for positions that are not truly the best ones for them. Recruiting professionals strive and are regulated to optimise the candidate’s time when searching for a job by 50%. That’s how strict they are. This also improves the call-back rate and keeps the candidate’s morale up.

As for the recruiters, being on the platform is a great way to give back to job seekers while having access to candidates they source and recruit for their private portfolio of corporate company’s job opportunities. It also gives them a chance to further develop their recruitment skills, adapt to the latest trends in the HR industry, as well as their ability to coach candidates into successfully tackling all the stages of job searching. Even hunting for promotions by polishing their skills and personal image on their current companies.

About Recruitmently: Recruitmently is a digital platform created in London. The platform allows people who are looking for new employment to connect with an expert recruiter consultant. Their mission is to connect candidates looking to break into tough, competitive and high paying industries to niche specific professional recruiters that will coach them for maximising their success rate on a personalised one on one approach.

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