Sumo Logic Helps Customers Modernize Security Operations Across Asia Pacific

Award-winning Cloud SIEM Solution Now Available in Australia to Empower SOC Teams to Secure the Cloud Journey with Real-time Analytics

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sumo Logic (Nasdaq: SUMO), the pioneer in continuous intelligence, today announced its Cloud SIEM solution is now available in Australia to help organizations modernize their security operations center (SOC) by fusing analytics and automation to cut through the noise of alert fatigue and provide analysts with automated insights to see the real, priority threats that require immediate attention. The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM solution will be available in Japan and India later this summer. Additionally, the company will host a global virtual Modern SOC Summit June 8-9, 2021 to provide security business leaders and practitioners with a forum to explore, learn, and accelerate their modern security strategies.

“We are seeing significant interest from customers and partners alike who want to modernize their SOC and replace legacy SIEMs, which are complex, slow, inflexible, and not well suited to meet today’s modern security challenges,” said Paul Wilcox, VP and General Manager for Sumo Logic Asia Pacific. “We’re excited to roll out our Cloud SIEM solution in Australia, which provides users with low latency when ingesting data into the Sumo Logic platform and helps enterprises address their data privacy concerns and data residency requirements.”

Sumo Logic Australia has been the anchor for the Asia Pacific region for the past seven years and has seen significant momentum and growth across customers, as well as a broad ecosystem of partners, including Amazon Web Services, iValue Solutions, RedBear IT, Westcon and more, who are aligned to help solve modern security challenges for the digital era.

As more enterprises accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the pressure on SOC teams to protect against threats is rising exponentially. According to a recent survey, 88 percent of security professionals are experiencing challenges with their current SIEM, and another 83 percent believe taking a cloud-native SIEM approach for cloud or hybrid environments can help them tackle today’s modern security challenges. As the first and last line of defense against increasingly sophisticated data breaches and cyber threats, security teams are adopting a new approach to modernize security operations and effectively address challenges with a cloud-native SIEM combined with security automation capabilities to gain real-time security intelligence.

“Modernizing security operations involves the right combination of people, process, and technology to manage risk by monitoring, detecting, and responding to cyber threats and incidents as they occur,” said Greg Martin VP and GM of the Security Business Unit for Sumo Logic. “Sumo Logic empowers SOC teams to modernize security operations with a cloud-native solution that provides holistic visibility into an organization’s security posture, delivering the insights analysts need to secure their cloud journey, match the changing attack surface, and bring innovation to the SOC.”

Sumo Logic provides a comprehensive approach to quickly uncover activity that can indicate an early stage attack by identifying spikes and anomalies based on the organization’s baseline of historical data. Unrestricted by the processing power of on-premises hardware, Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution addresses the challenges facing today’s modern SOC by automating the manual work for security analysts, saving them time and enabling them to be more effective by focusing on higher-value security functions.

Customers and partners across the Asia Pacific region are benefitting from having the Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM solution in their local region to get an automated view of potential security incidents with the relevant context needed for making rapid response decisions including:

“Our business is rapidly expanding across different geographies and locations, so the concept of solely securing the traditional ‘perimeter’ no longer exists. We knew we needed a comprehensive Cloud SIEM solution to give us holistic visibility in order to manage security across our entire infrastructure and protect our customer data. Sumo Logic has not only helped us modernize our security operations but also tackle rigourous compliance requirements for PCI and other Australian-focused financial services regulations.”
Peter Robinson, Director of Security and IT, ZipMoney, Ltd.

“We help developers manage releases and automate deployments with our self-hosted or SaaS offering. Security is at the core of our products as they often interact with our customers’ sensitive environments. Sumo Logic lets us analyse and correlate threats with a single platform across our diverse cloud infrastructure, build environments and our SaaS offering, ensuring our customers can use our products to manage releases and automate deployments securely.”
Kyle Jackson, Senior Security Engineer, Octopus Deploy

“As a leader in installments and consumer lending in Australia and New Zealand offering a range of financial services, protecting our customers’ data is paramount. By taking a cloud-native approach, Sumo Logic helps streamline our SOC by providing real-time security analytics to automatically detect, respond and address breaches, and accelerate threat hunting while eliminating alert fatigue for our analysts.”
Tony Wilson, GM Information Security, Latitude Financial

“Traditionally, SIEM enablement has been a long and sometimes difficult path to navigate, often taking months of effort. Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM is a gamechanger and the availability of this solution in Australia means that customers can be sure their data remains onshore at all times, while providing a rich set of analytics in which security teams can gain valuable insights. As a long time partner we’re excited to provide Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM which will allow us to enhance our offering in the marketplace, opening up new opportunities, and most importantly, making our customers and their data more secure.”
Jem Richards, CTO, RedBear IT

“As a managed SOC provider, the speed at which an analyst can investigate and confirm or dismiss an insight is critical. Having worked with more traditional SIEM products in the past, Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM provides a step change improvement in efficiency and time-to-value from onboarding to protection. The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM solution does this by correlating multiple sources to present a single sequence of events, further enriching event data with external sources, which provides a single pane view for rapid analysis. Managing the investigation, analysis and response workflows in a single platform also eliminates repetitive switching between tools to manually compare event data, further improving efficiency and accuracy.”
Sash Vasilevski, Principal Consultant, Security Sentric

“We are very excited to have Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution available in the Australia region as it not only provides a 360º view of potential security issues, but also gives us the ability to scale on demand without the overheads of provisioning infrastructure, which is key for us as a cloud-focused MSSP. The dashboard and automation capabilities are designed for a modern SOC which reduces the time required to onboard customers and ingest new data sources as their environments expand, while preventing our analysts from being overwhelmed by the millions of log events that are collected.”
Gareth Batchelor, Principal Consultant, Cloudtrace

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