Tellius Enhances AI-Driven Decision Intelligence Platform with Proactive and Personalized Insights

New capabilities empower users to start analysis quickly, ask deep questions easily, and scale securely and cost effectively

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tellius, the AI-driven decision intelligence platform, today announced a series of major feature improvements designed to help businesses accelerate their analytics journey beyond dashboards to make better data-driven decisions. New Quick Start capability, proactive intelligence capabilities, and resource and data controls enable users to start analysis quickly, ask deep questions easily, and scale in a cost effective and secure manner.

Many businesses struggle to unlock value from their data and analytics initiatives because of the overwhelming possibilities of analysis and surging data volumes. Tellius’s new Quick Start capability helps organizations—particularly those with limited data science resources—gain immediate, personalized insights from their data leading to a better understanding of the types of answers the data can provide. Quick Start asks users about metrics of interest, and then automatically generates tailored analytics content including data visualizations, inquiries, and AI-powered insights. From there, users can easily edit and build upon Quick Start content, making it faster and easier than ever for organizations to inform strategic business decisions.

Tellius has also added robust proactive intelligence capabilities with Tellius Feed, a feature that provides users with smart and relevant alerts about significant changes in user-specified and inferred key metrics, alongside root cause analysis. Additionally, Tellius is delivering greater data and resource control. On the resource side, users now have granular monitoring and control mechanisms over resource usage, data sizes, and alerting to deliver better resource stewardship, analytics cost optimization, and internal chargeback capabilities. On the data side, users bring in their own business metrics and logic via easily editable SQL/Python code within the Tellius platform; smart data pipelining helps users keep an organized and up-to-date workflow regardless of upstream/downstream changes via a series of checks, warnings, and a new option to auto-refresh linked datasets.

“Our platform uniquely weaves in a robust intelligence layer that is missing in most of today’s business intelligence and data science tools,” said Ajay Khanna, CEO and founder, Tellius. “Personalized, proactive insights are the future of business intelligence and data science and this news is yet another step Tellius is taking to augment and tailor the enterprise analytics experience to go beyond dashboards. With maximum flexibility across clouds and on-premise solutions, Tellius is helping customers make the most of their data resources in a cost-effective manner—no matter where and how that data is stored.”

Further Updates Make Deep Questions Easier

Tellius has announced a series of additional platform updates that will enhance organizations’ ability to ask deep questions of their data. Those enhancements include:

  • Search-to-Insights — Users have always had the ability to ask a question via Tellius’s natural language search and receive automatically generated data visualizations in response, and drill deeper by kicking off machine learning-powered insights to follow their business curiosity. Today, users can ask “why” by typing questions related to Trends, Anomalies, and Correlations directly from Tellius’ search in a single step, streamlining the generation and consumption of AI-powered insights.
  • Load More Insights Contributors — Users have the flexibility to look beyond the top contributing factors of any automated insight to see less obvious points of interest.
  • Market Share, Absolute, and Percent Change Calculations — Saves users time by removing manual calculations and provides deeper insights by automatically categorizing products, brands, SKUs, etc. in relation to their market and competitors.

To learn more about Tellius’ new platform enhancements, visit the blog or contact us for a demo. In addition to subscription-based pricing that can be hosted on a public cloud, customer’s cloud, or on-premises, Tellius also offers a fully managed, consumption-based SaaS version to help customers start their augmented analytics journey faster. Try Tellius On-Demand for a 14-day free trial today.

About Tellius

Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that enables anyone to get faster insights from their data. The company helps organizations across industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical and life sciences, retail, healthcare, and high technology, accelerate their journey from data to decisions by augmenting human expertise and curiosity with intelligent automation. The company’s platform combines AI- and ML-driven automation with a search interface for ad hoc exploration, allowing users to ask questions of their business data, analyze billions of records in seconds, and gain comprehensive, automated insights in a single platform. Founded in 2016, Tellius is backed by Sands Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Veraz Investments.

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