Mellow Is Helping Millions of Americans Enjoy Better Lives through Quality Sleep

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2021 / Divij Vaswani, founder at influencer marketing/talent buying agency Division Media, created Mellow in 2020 with the sole goal of helping tens of millions of Americans sleep better to improve themselves and their lives as a whole.

The importance of sleep in quality of life cannot be overlooked. Beyond the business of producing sleep products like beds and mattresses, entrepreneurs like Divij Vaswani focus on creating other quality products that help people achieve better sleep if they’re not getting enough. ‘We believe good sleep is the key to a successful and happy life,’ Divij said.

Mellow is a company that produces premium melatonin, which it describes as the best and tastiest melatonin in the world. Mellow’s melatonin contains ingredients like theanine, which promotes relaxation, and lavender, which helps keep the body and senses calm. Mellow’s melatonin comes as a diffuser that delivers quality sleep through inhalation.

Describing the product, ‘With four to six deep inhaling of the Mellow Melatonin Diffuser, you’ll be ready for a deeper, sounder sleep within 30 minutes,’ Divij explained. The brand also claims that the product helps reduce stress and keep the body in a meditative state.

In its bid to create the best sleep aid product in the world, Mellow ensured the product does not contain tobacco, E acetate, THC, CBD, nicotine, drugs or any other regulated substance. The personal diffusers contain essential oils and melatonin and release aromatic mist to deliver all the benefits of aromatherapy to aid sleep. The company targets adults between 18 and 45 and entrepreneurs who find it difficult to sleep. Mellow’s goal is to promote a healthy sleep culture among Americans and spread the gospel to other parts of the world in the next few years.

Divij Vaswani got the motivation to establish Mellow from thinking about the number of people experiencing sleep issues. In the early days of his entrepreneurship journey, he had difficulty sleeping because he was always working. He checked on his other entrepreneur friends, and most of them had the same problem. Statistics say that more than 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, with 30 percent living with short-term insomnia while another 10 percent live with long-lasting insomnia.

‘It’s like a pandemic out there. We cannot have a world where people are not well-rested. I want to see people flourish and live their best lives. Without good sleep, they cannot do any of that. This motivated me to start Mellow, and so far, we have helped thousands of people,’ Divij explained.

His five-year goal is to be directly or indirectly responsible for ten million people sleeping better. He also plans to embark on an enlightenment crusade that sheds more light on the importance of sleep, why melatonin is important as a body hormone, the benefits and how Mellow comes in with the best melatonin provider.

‘Melatonin is the hormone that shuts the body down. If it doesn’t kick in automatically, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a mechanism that helps switch the hormone into drive? That’s why Mellow exists. We are here to help,’ Divij assured.

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