Robert Deck is the Subject of a New Interview

The veteran optometrist and solar power field energy consultant sat down for a deep-dive discussion about the two professions he successfully juggles

LAKE ORION, MI / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2021 / It is with great pleasure that veteran optometrist and field energy consultant Robert Deck announces that he is the subject of a new, in-depth interview. The interview, which was conducted by an online periodical aimed at business people and entrepreneurs, touches on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from how he divides his time between two professions to the exciting new developments in both the field of optometry and the solar power industry.

Early in the interview, by means of explaining how he manages to juggle two careers in very different industries, Robert discusses one of his typical days. ‘I’m working on my solar business right now, probably about 75% of the time and optometry about 25% of the time. I typically split the days between the two jobs. I might have morning appointments for optometry patients, and then afternoon appointments for the solar consults, or vice versa.’

Further along in the piece, upon being asked what trends excite him, Robert Deck answers, ‘In optometry, there are new medicines on the horizon, new surgical techniques, and new diagnostic procedures to diagnose diseases at earlier stages. These improvements will help with various eye diseases and conditions.’ Shifting gears to his career in the solar power industry, he addresses the same question, saying, ‘In the solar industry, the battery technology is moving from lithium ion to lithium metal. It’s going to increase the longevity and the storage capacity of the batteries used for solar power. That had previously been a big limitation on consumer adoption because the old batteries are expensive and inefficient. So, the availability of improved batteries is an exciting trend.’

Anyone interested in reading the full text of the interview is encouraged to keep watch for its publication in the near future. Anyone curious to learn more about Robert Deck’s optometry practice is encouraged to visit its official website, while anyone curious to learn about his career in the solar power industry is encouraged to visit the official website of the company for which he acts as a consultant.

About Robert Deck:
Robert Deck cultivated a strong interest in healthcare and business from a young age. An excellent student, he majored in chemistry and minored in biology at Northern Michigan University before attending optometry school at Ferris State University. After a few years of employment gaining valuable optometry experience, he was ready to open his own practice. In the 1990s, Robert expanded his practice by purchasing an existing practice from a retiring optometrist. He actively managed and expanded the practice before selling it to another optometrist in 2015. Robert Deck continues to be actively involved with the optometry profession through his management of My Optical Life.

In recent years, Robert began to focus on sales, recruiting, and training skills. He worked for Performance Communication Technologies and became their top sales producer as well as a trainer. With that success behind him, he transitioned into sales in the burgeoning industry of solar power. As a field energy consultant for Powerhome Solar, Robert is involved in recruiting additional consultants as well as being a top 10 producer for the company every year.

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