Data Mynt announces the sale of $BYOB (Be Your Own Bank), its native token, starting on July 12th

Introducing “$BYOB (Be Your Own Bank) – Data Mynt’s native token

OAKLAND, Calif., July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Data Mynt, the DeFi service for the 99%, announces the sale via initial DEX offering (IDO) of its native token $BYOB (Be Your Own Bank) on the Gnosis Auction platform from July 12th to July 15th.

Data Mynt, founded by Alex Christian, uses stablecoins, or digital assets which are pegged to the value of the US dollar, to provide easy access to valuable DeFi services for non crypto natives. This offers non volatile pricing and returns while removing exposure to wild price risk and speculation.

“As part of our platform to introduce and transition the 99% of non-crypto natives to non-volatile digital assets and decentralized financial services, we’ve created a native $BYOB token that offers several utilities from insurance to staking and discounts for HODLers,” says Alex Christian, CEO of Data Mynt.

$BYOB‘s first auction will mark the start of a 5 part community token distribution plan, which consists of three exclusive auctions, one open public auction, and one CEX public listing. The first auction beginning July 12th will offer 1% of the total diluted supply with a lock-up period at a starting minimum bid of USD 0.01 per token, which represents a 90% discount over the DEX public auction minimum bid price. $BYOB is designed with a special focus on the biggest concerns for DeFi token buyers: security, theft, pumps & dumps, poor use cases, and lack of incentives for long-term HODLers.

Alex Christian continues, “I founded Data Mynt so the 99% who can’t use crypto can have financial freedom and wealth creation like the other 1% through reliable and secure decentralized financial services. Our mission is simple – to enable the 99% non-crypto natives to adopt digital assets and utilize highly valuable decentralized alternatives to legacy banking services at the lowest cost and easiest entry point.”  

Data Mynt is based in Oakland, California, and led by Alex Christian whose experience includes launching and operating crypto, fintech, and legacy financial services in over 60 countries. Data Mynt’s decentralized team is from Asia, Africa, Europe, North & South America, and brings diversity and experience to building this new global DeFi service provider. Data Mynt’s goal is to exponentially grow the DeFi space, TVL and liquidity pie for the DeFi universe. Data Mynt solves the DeFi adoption issue and bridges the users of traditional finance to decentralized finance. The stable coin market is at $100b and when Data Mynt is finished it’ll be at $100 Trillion. Same for the DeFi market cap — exponential growth to $60 trillion. The vision is for the DeFi market to overshadow the legacy financial services market.

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