Over 100 Creators Under the Name ‘NFT 256’ Present Their Artwork ‘NFT256 WORLDS’ for Auction on NFT STARS

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2021 / The new NFT marketplace NFT STARS has announced the auction of the audio-visual artwork titled “NFT 256 WORLDS.” The visual aspect was created by an artistic collective by the name “NFT 256” and a famous Russian musician took part in the creation of the original soundtrack for the drop. The auction starts on 28th July at 10:00 UTC and will last for 24 hours.

NFT 256 is an international collective consisting of over 256 modern artists working with a variety of art mediums, from digital to traditional. Their management center is in Moscow, Russia. At the moment, NFT 256 is one of the largest artist’s unions that creates and sells their projects as one. That gives every NFT released by the collective two perspectives. Users can explore their artwork as a whole and experience how everything comes together, or they can reflect on a single theme created by any one of the 256 individuals. NFT 256 has already released two art pieces and the third one is coming out live on NFT STARS. The new artwork called ‘NFT 256 WORLDS’ will be presented for auction on 28th July at 10:00 UTC. The bidding process will last 24 hours and the starting price is 2.56 ETH.

“NFT 256 WORLDS” is a 60-second animated audio-visual trip through 90 pieces of art based on the theme “adventure through the Universe” – in other words, amazing dream worlds. The artwork will show the viewers what it means to look into the world of another person, imagery that your imagination cannot give you. The artwork was made in collaboration with the musician and composer Kirill Gorokhov, who goes by the name “Unstoppable Music.”

NFT STARS is an Australian NFT marketplace that has accumulated a unique set of products and services relevant to artists, digital art lovers, investors and NFT gamers. The platform is pursuing the ambitious goal of shifting the market’s focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation.

The marketplace follows a strict selection approach: every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. Thus, the NFT STARS team is able to provide truly special treatment to the chosen NFT stars. Artists enjoy Gas-free minting; NFTs are minted at the time of the purchase and the buyer covers the costs. The marketplace supports the free flow of ideas and enables artists to mint artwork as a team via the collective NFT ownership feature and share the proceeds from its sale equally. NFT STARS also enables every artist to create an AR room in which they can display their works and host their first show. The AR galleries can be viewed on the screen of a smartphone.

In the future, NFT STARS will introduce a fractional NFT trading feature, an NFT pricing scanner, a 24/7 NFT radio station and an Initial NFT Offering service. The marketplace also plans to launch on Avalanche and other blockchains to support cross-chain NFT liquidity flow.

Dan Khomenko, CEO
Email: dan@nftstars.app


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