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ROSEVILLE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Credit is a necessary part of life, and having a lot of debt, or bad credit can greatly impair what people are able to do in their life. This financial handicap can follow a person their entire lives, preventing them from buying homes, cars, starting businesses, traveling, even getting hired for certain types of jobs. People often hastily file for bankruptcy or, worse, hire a company to do a debt consolidation situation, hoping it will be a reset to a better financial standing. Gerard Brazil, founder of Paradigm Credit Repair works with clients in a different way, helping them repair and restore their credit through a different course of action, and provides education to clients so that they do not find themselves in a bad credit pit again.

There are those out there in the financial world who advise never to use any credit, and for a certain very small ultra-wealthy demographic that may be feasible, for the great majority of us, however, credit is needed. Anytime someone purchases a home, leases or buys a car, wants to start a business, go to college, pretty much anything one does in life is going to require a decent credit score and clean credit report. It is extremely easy to mess up a credit score, and very difficult to get that score back up once it is tarnished. Your credit report will follow you, and every time someone checks it they can see your payment history for most of your adult life. This report essentially is like a credit resume: it shows people what your history with credit and debt, and payment is.

“Think of it as if it were your child, who you let borrow the car, and said be home by 10. If they come home at 10 every time, you feel comfortable letting them. use the car. But if they come back at 12 or 1, well then, you may not let them borrow the car anymore because they have now given you reason to lose trust in them. Credit works similar to this, it’s about how trustworthy someone has been in the past in order to weigh the risk in the future,” says Gerard.

Once someone decides they want to fix their credit they have a few different options. Some folks will choose bankruptcy, and for some, it may be the only choice, however, it will be devastating to credit scores and, in some cases, does not wipe away all debt. Debt consolidation, which many people try, is not what it seems at face value, and often leads to people paying double, triple, even quadruple what their original debt was.

“In my opinion, it is one of the worst options, even more so than bankruptcy,” says Gerard.

At Paradigm, the approach is different and focuses on clearing derogatory accounts on client’s credit reports, then helping them build up better credit. There are many ways to do this, and the team focuses on the highly effective, legal, and advanced techniques to help people repair and regenerate their credit, helping them get into better financial standing.

“We really take pride in the fact that we only use 100% complaint-based, factual disputing methods to dispute derogatory items from client’s credit reports. We use advanced techniques, based on our extensive knowledge of the laws that protect people from credit bureaus and data furnishers,” says Gerard.

Paradigm uses the power of laws like the FCRA, FACTS, TILA, FCBA, UCC, FDCPA, RESPA, and other credit reporting governance laws to aid in disputing charge-offs, late payments, repossessions, student loans, forecloses, short sales, late mortgages payments, and more. 79% of all credit reports contain errors. Paradigm specializes in finding ways to help people get back to a place where they can be proud of their credit score and report.

Personal credit repair is just a stepping stone when it comes to Paradigm’s services. Many of their clients that are business owners cannot access funding or loans that normally would be available to them. Paradigm is capable of creating full Business Credit Profiles for their clients which ultimately produce a high business credit rating (also known as a Peydex score) that would allow access to multiple lending options for business growth.

Paradigm was started eight and a half years ago, after Gerard went through the credit repair process himself, and realized there were a lot of companies doing it the wrong way. Learning from his own experiences, he decided to become an expert in credit repair to help other people. Giving back is a huge priority for the company. In 2018 after the fires in Paradise, Gerard knew many people, including family members, who lost homes and got insurance payouts that were not equal to the value of the home they lost, and needed to take out loans to get a new home. Once there they found themselves faced with challenging credit issues and in a very tough spot. In 2018, Paradigm offered free services to victims of the fire and helped 37 clients get their credit repaired, enabling them to get into good loans for new homes.

Paradigm operates on a flat-rate model, there are no membership fees or monthly costs, with the average time taking only 3-5 months. Connect on their website (, social media, or email to learn more and get your journey to credit repair started off on the right foot.


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