Lumen Health Tech Reveals 60% of Employed Users Lost Weight During the Pandemic by Measuring Their Metabolism Daily

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LumenLumen®, the creators of the world’s first handheld metabolism measurement device through the breath, have conducted a survey of 1,043 customers that consistently measure their metabolism with Lumen and who worked from home during the pandemic from August of 2020 and onward.

The results reveal that 60% of employed Lumen users have lost weight by measuring their metabolism even at a time where most Americans reported gaining weight and experienced a general decline in their health.

As remote nutrition and wellness benefits become an increasingly important part of employee health today, companies like Virgin Pulse have recognized the value that Lumen can bring employers and health plans. Lumen joined Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem as part of its Summer ‘21 product launch and is now available for purchase through the company’s industry-leading engagement platform.

Poor metabolism is costing employers

Approximately 88% of adult Americans suffer from poor metabolism which is at the root of major chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and elevated blood sugar levels. Poor metabolic health has become a heavy burden on employers who spend an estimated $2525 per employee annually in medical costs across the United States.

Enter Lumen- the device and health technology focused on improving your metabolism, the key to sustainable health. On average, Lumen users that measure their metabolism for 12 months improve their metabolism by 40% and lose 2% of their body weight monthly.

With Lumen drastically improving employee metabolism, the estimated employer cost savings is $1.4 million per 1,000 employees.

The devastating impact of the pandemic on our health

Lumen surveyed customers who mostly worked from home during the pandemic. Before Lumen was introduced in their wellness routine, users reported finding it very difficult to manage their nutrition, especially when it came to their weight:

  • Over 45% of users working from home reported gaining weight during the pandemic and before using Lumen.
  • Prior to using Lumen, users reported feeling out of control of their health, with 40% saying their metabolism had declined.

Data-driven nutrition tech is key for employee wellness

For most of the employed Lumen users surveyed, their experience with Lumen as a remote nutrition and wellness tool was seen as valuable. With the challenges of staying healthy at home, Lumen was seen as a crucial tool to stay on track nutritionally.

  • Over 60% of Lumen users reported losing weight from home.
  • A majority (78%) claimed their knowledge about nutrition drastically improved since using Lumen.
  • 2 out of 3 users also felt their well-being had improved.

Lumen seen as valuable tool to include in at-home wellness offering from employers

Lastly, employed Lumen users mostly agreed that Lumen would be of great value for employees in a corporate offering setting. They also reported that personalized nutrition was lacking in their current employer wellness offering.

  • 80% of Lumen users that work from home agreed that employees who are offered Lumen by their employer are likely to highly benefit from it.
  • 87% reported not being offered any personalized nutrition tools by employers to manage their weight and health.
  • Nearly a third of respondents reported feeling positively impacted by Lumen for being more present and efficient at work.

As a data-driven health tech company with over 1 million metabolism measurements recorded per month, Lumen continues to lead the way in remote nutrition and wellness rooted in improving metabolic health.

For employees who have been impacted by the pandemic, Lumen offers a way for them to control and improve their nutrition and wellbeing from anywhere, anytime. For employers, Lumen provides a holistic approach to solving metabolic health problems and potentially drives significant savings in medical spend.

Lumen joins Virgin Pulse partner network

This past spring, Lumen partnered with Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of digital and live health and wellbeing solutions, making its metabolism-driven personalized nutrition service available through Virgin Pulse to employers and health plans worldwide.

As a certified global partner, Lumen eliminates administrative burdens for employers and health plans associated with product configuration, separate contracting, privacy and security vetting, and invoicing. Eligible Virgin Pulse members can now monitor their metabolic health progress from the comfort of their home and avoid lengthy clinical lab tests. Members will receive real-time Virgin Pulse rewards delivered via API for completing Lumen activities including daily metabolic measurements and improving metabolic health.


In collaboration with San Francisco State University, Lumen has been peer-reviewed and have validated an ongoing study launched in 2020, which shows the effectiveness of Lumen® to detect changes in metabolic fuel utilization in a comparable manner with a laboratory standard metabolic cart, providing the ability for real-time metabolic information for users under any circumstances.

About Lumen

Lumen helps people improve their health and fitness through technology on the forefront of personalized nutrition and metabolism. Conceived and designed by twin sisters, physiology PhDs and Ironman winners, Lumen harnesses the power of our breath to measure metabolism, which is closely linked to weight, fitness and personal health. The Lumen device measures metabolism in a single breath, in less than a minute, which previously was only possible through an hour-long lab test. Available at, Lumen devices ship globally, with the app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Lumen is headquartered in Israel, with offices in the United States.

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