MOS Set to Launch on August 25th

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / MOS, the new Proof-of-Stake based staking investment project cryptocurrency enthusiasts is set to launch on the 25th of August, which could replace banks’ certified deposit. Since 1960, the First National City Bank of New York (now Citibank) had invented the revolutionary Certified Deposit (CD) investment product. Its fixed return attracted investors and raised funds for banks to operate their lendings and investments.

Certified Deposit had remained popular all these years, but by the 21st century, the gains from the interest rates of the conventional Certified Deposit could not keep up with the asset depreciation caused by currency inflation. The Cryptocurrency industry and Defi world had invented a ‘Staking’ investment that mimicked the Certified Deposit model, but with a better design and return rate.

One of these ‘Staking’ Defi investment projects known as MOS, it is a High-Yield Time-Locked Deposit that works just like traditional banks’ Certified Deposit, but with a higher return rate, asset growth, flexibility and convenience. It’s an upcoming cryptocurrency investment that is designed to grow in value.

What is MOS Staking?

MOS, the High-Yield Time-Locked Deposit shares some basic concepts of Certified Deposit, investors save their crypto-assets on the platform for the desired length of time, in exchange for high-yielding defined returns. This is a less volatile alternative for average investors to approach cryptocurrency and makes it another income stream, just like how they do with a conventional CD (certified deposit).

The crucial element that makes MOS stands out is that MOS features a 7.8% annual yield, where conventional investments find it hard to match.

The way MOS works is simple and focused. Investors buy $MOS and enter into a smart contract where they agree to hold on to their MOS and stake for a set period. The MOS network will reward the stakers (staking investors) with an agreed % of interest growth.

The MOS network will hold a daily auction of $MOS available from a limited supply throughout the entire launching phase. Buyers bid for $MOS using USDT, with payouts determined by their ultimate portion among the total bid pool. The auction proceeds are used to buy $MOS at a better rate as compared to major Decentralised Exchanges.

In this way, the daily auction’s sale produces an upward drive to $MOS value, promoting $MOS value appreciation for the stakers and holders.

MOS Staking Interests

A fundamental element in staking $MOS is that people’s interest payout will increase proportionally to the longer period they stake, or the larger the amount they stake.

Secondly, users’ stake will generate sustaining interests while their stake is active. Users will receive dividend-gaining M-shares that receives interest payout from a minimum of 7.8% to 780% based on the size of the staked pool on a daily basis.

Thirdly, two exclusive bonuses known as Gifting Bonus 1 and 2 will be awarded to stakers who staked during the launch phase and surpassed or meet the bonus release day on 365th(1st year) and 730th day (2nd year). That means being an early stakers in $MOS will be entitled to the once in lifetime exclusive Gifting Bonuses!

Gifting Bonus 1 pays a minimum of 19billion $MOS and Gifting Bonus 2 pays a minimum of 20billion $MOS; plus, some unclaimed $MOS from other allocations and penalties will continue to be added to the Gifting Bonus Pool throughout the year.

MOS Preventative Structure

MOS has adopted an early-revocation penalty for the stakers who ends their staking contract prematurely. This discourages stakers from early termination/ withdrawal to capitalise on the higher MOS value with a massive sell-off. This structure reduces the worries of massive selloff price volatility that comes with conventional cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, MOS adopted a scaling interest system that pays additional rewards and interests for long-term stakeholders. The longer users remain staked, or the larger the staked amount, the better interests they earn.

The early-revocation penalty prevents anyone from hodling too much of $MOS’s total supply to manipulate the market. In many ways, it’s a self-correcting arrangement that delivers strong returns to all stakers & holders involved, a system built to benefit all with stability and predictable returns.

Limited Supply Pushes Demand

The crucial thing that makes Bitcoin different from Dogecoin is that Bitcoin has limited supply but Dogecoin didn’t. Bitcoin is scarce and valuable, while there are trillions of Doge to be disposed of.

Since its inception, MOS was designed in a limited supply structure, this is to limit the inflation factor and keep the demand driving. When the user stakes $MOS, the $MOS will be locked away in a staking contract and would not be in circulation until it is matured.

Secondly, there will be only 7.8% of $MOS being newly minted every year across the whole network as the annual percentage yield (APY) paid to the stakers.

By limiting the overall supply, it will become a positive upward pressure to $MOS price as Stakers are paid to HODL.

The Community Believes In MOS, MOS Launches on 25th August 2021

MOS, the new Proof-of-Stake based staking investment project cryptocurrency enthusiasts is set to launch on the 25th of August 2021 UTC 12:00. With the crypto industry and investors interested in another staking platform, MOS is potentially one of users’ best next staking investment crypto assets opportunities.

‘At MOS our community is supportive in our potential staking interests and project growth. We are seeing an ever-increasing likelihood that Proof-of-Stake based blockchain network will achieve broad adoption and value appreciation. We are excited to offer this opportunity to our community’

Right until now, the Ethereum network based cryptocurrency assets are not an easy asset to get a hold of, due to the high Ethereum gas fee and high entry fee of the existing staking platform. MOS intends to add value and significant returns for our community by launching a new staking investment opportunity with an accessible entry-level, combined with continuous interest dividends, and quick asset growth.

Plus, MOS is built on the TRON network which has a much lower transaction fee, matching adaptable blockchain network, secured PoS Blockchain network, and fast-growing Dapps ecosystem.

‘The adoption of cryptocurrency as an investment product is escalating, especially the demand for staking, we expect this trend to be long-term in nature, due to the structure of continuous asset growth and interest dividends of staking projects such as MOS.’

Last month, MOS held its Senatus Round (Early-Sale Round), it received enormous attention and excitement from the community. This reflects that a huge part of the community is eager to be a part of MOS especially learning the advantages of staking and its unique design in $MOS. The official launch on 25th August will be a highly anticipated day for MOS and our community.

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