My DeFi Pet is shooting for the sky: Converging NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming

HANOI, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / August 16, 2021 / Fresh from winning the recent Vietnam Super Hackathon, My DeFi Pet is blazing the trail in the gaming industry. My DeFi Pet was up against other projects but emerged victorious taking the grand prize. This has put the game on the global map and is catapulting its rapid growth even further.

Two weeks before its launch on May 14th 2021, the game had already acquired 150,000 +token holders, over 3,000,000 transactions, and over 2 million eggs purchased. It continues to push the boundaries of crypto gaming while having over 200 million downloads globally in such a short time.

My DeFi Pet merges traditional gaming experience, DeFi, and NFTs in a single platform. It had more than 4,900 token holders and 50,000 pets purchased as of May 2021, and these numbers keep growing as it attracts more players.

Features worth noting

The game takes you on an immersive adventure like never before. The journey begins in a mystical land with strange creatures and items for you to uncover. In this enchanted land, you are allowed to collect, breed, evolve, and even trade these creatures at will. More unique features include:


Talk about going the extra mile. A mind-blowing new feature that is coming soon is the battle system of the game. You’ll be in a position to win ultra-rare rewards by battling other monsters in the next season. They’re still testing and finalizing this feature before unleashing it into the world.


The game appeals to our love for instant gratification. In a traditional video game setting, you go on a long quest and the only reward you get is the satisfying but empty feeling of completing it. In My DeFi Pets, the long-term game is broken down into short seasons with actual rewards. The first season in the game is pioneering with a grand prize of 100,000 USDT. Unlike a traditional video game, there’s always something exciting to look forward to.

Blockchain Interoperability

A state-of-the-art feature in the game. All native tokens and collectibles are available and can be traded. To add the icing on the cake, they’re using the KardiaChain’s Dual Node technology that provides non-invasive interoperability to any major blockchains community. This enables a seamless glide through the different networks/chains like Ethereum, and Polkadot.


The native token, the DPET token, gives you the freedom to control your gaming experience. In August 2021 there were more than 3,000,000 overall transactions. Pet Masters used it for trading, exchanging, improving the pets and their special qualities in the first phase. In the future it will be used for governance, staking DPET tokens into pools, playing to earn, and social mining. According to Coingecko, My DeFi Pet has a circulating supply of 12,1 million DPET coins and a max supply of 100 million.

My DeFi Pet has announced the release of more features and updates in the new build on Q3 2021. More special features are still in the pipelines

My DeFi Pet is backed by major giants in the industry such as Animoca brands, Spark Digital Capital, DFG, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Kardia Ventures, to mention but a few. It has also formed strong partnerships with Kardiachain, Mantra DAO, VNDC Stablecoin, BSC station, among others to fast-track their dream. It’s setting itself on the right track to spearhead the next wave of NFT gaming.

About My Defi Pet

My Defi Pet is a lifestyle-based pet game on the blockchain with 3D generated, animated, and interactive pets. Furthermore, the game is equipped with cutting-edge features that are ahead of its time. 

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