Why We Should Recognize Entrepreneurial Achievement from Dee Agarwal

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / According to a study by Babson College, just over half (55 percent) of Americans believe they could successfully launch a business, with the other 45% assuming that a journey into entrepreneurship would inevitably end in business failure. Despite nearly half of the population holding a pessimistic perspective of entrepreneurship, the actual fail rate of entrepreneurs is much lower.

In fact, 80% of new entrepreneurs complete their first year, which is typically the most critical year for success. If you are able to overcome the hurdles and obstacles of your first year in business, the likelihood of building and scaling a successful business becomes much more attainable. For seasoned entrepreneurs, such as Dee Agarwal, an important success factor in the business world is recognizing and celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and accomplishments.

Deepak “Dee” Agarwal is a highly skilled executive with decades of experience leading a variety of companies from the retail industry to the BPO industry. From a very young age, Dee Agarwal has been passionate about pursuing his own entrepreneurial dreams, having been taught early on about the value of creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement. In 2014, Dee Agarwal was named a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, one of the most prestigious global business award programs for enterprising entrepreneurs. Since then, he has explored new industries, products, and opportunities to address new and evolving consumer needs

“Entrepreneurship can actually be considered an industry within an industry,” said Dee Agarwal. “Across each professional sector, there are entrepreneurs and small business owners working tirelessly to provide a service that can be more efficient, more innovative, or improve the lives of even just one person in a meaningful way.”

Utilizing Recognition as Motivation

Celebrating the work of emerging entrepreneurs and companies is critical to creating a supportive community that can drive forth innovation and efficiency in any field. While the success rates prove that most determined entrepreneurs can do well in business, these successes are typically hard-earned and worthy of recognition.

“While valuable, pursuing entrepreneurship certainly has its obstacles that can be draining to your finances, but also to your mental and emotional wellness,” said Dee Agarwal. “Through the journey, it’s important to take time to reflect and recognize wins, both big and small. The most successful entrepreneurs know there is always work left to be done, but we can often find the motivation necessary by remembering the progress already made.”

EY Entrepreneur of the Year

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services, and hosts their global awards program on an annual basis. The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards recognizes entrepreneurs who display excellence and extraordinary achievements in both financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and surrounding communities. The awards also recognize great innovation, vision, leadership and success – all components of a strong and successful entrepreneur. As the first and only international award of its kind, these awards further encourage consistent entrepreneurial activity by recognizing individuals and their companies through regional, national and global programs across 145 cities and 60 countries.

“The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award is a very unique program that is immensely powerful in affirming to entrepreneurs that these efforts are not in vain, exposing us to the work of our peers, and most importantly, motivating us, as a community within each industry, to keep going,” said Dee Agarwal.

Company leaders can continue to motivate new entrepreneurs by nominating individuals for programs such as EY Entrepreneur of the Year. EY is celebrating its 35th year of the award program this year and plans to announce its regional winners on July 26.

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