Analytics Insight Announces ‘The 10 Most Innovative Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2021’

SAN JOSE, Calif. & HYDERABAD, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Analytics Insight has announced ‘The 10 Most Innovative Intelligent Automation Solution Providers in 2021’ in its August-September magazine issue.

The magazine recognizes ten trailblazing intelligent automation providers who are using technology to accomplish a wide array of workplace routines. By automating previously time-consuming and largely manual tasks, these companies help employees to focus on higher-value work. They avail organizations to achieve intelligent automation faster and assist them to make more insightful decisions. These companies are redefining automation and breaking new targets of quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Here is the list of the top ten innovative intelligent automation providers that made the list in 2021.

Featuring as the Cover Story is Quale Infotech, a leading end-to-end IT consulting and implementation company, with a laser focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Quale started with a vision to be a customer-oriented digital services firm. The company has adhered to that aim and strived to be the partner of choice for its customers.

The issue features Nine A Business Connect and Botminds as the Companies of the Month.

Nine A Business Connect (9A): Nine A Business Connect uses technology to simplify business, create long-term value, and enable connected life. The company helps organizations in digital transformation with an immersive experience. 9A has been providing efficient technology solutions to solve real-world problems of enterprise customers while encouraging innovation.

Botminds: Botminds is a revolutionary intelligent document process automation platform that allows enterprises to liberate their employees from tedious tasks like reading documents and extracting information from them. Botminds is the world’s first unified no-code intelligent document processing (IDP) and process automation (IPA) platform.

Other honourable companies include:

Excelledia Ventures: Excelledia Ventures supports businesses of all sizes and ambitious founders, who push the edge of what is possible. The company aids organizations and leaders with their expertise and drives them to tackle major global issues.

Grooper: Grooper was built in 2015 from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience in developing and delivering document automation technology. Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution.

Kenmei: Kenmei is a European company founded by telecom and software experts, specialized in data analysis and mobile network automation through artificial intelligence. The company is known for its ADELE® solution, which stands for Autonomous Decisions and Learning.

Roots Automation: Roots Automation is a Digital Coworkers-as-a-Service company, offering pre-trained bots or Digital Coworkers. These bots come pre-programmed with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to perform a variety of roles.

Santa Marta AB: Santa Marta AB is a Swedish company created in 2020 to provide business process automation from the cloud. The company’s main product, Laura, digitizes any process by flexibly communicating with other applications and human beings.

Syntiant: Syntiant is enabling customized voice experiences at the edge, across multiple products and use cases including wake word, command control, and event detection, free from cloud connectivity, ensuring privacy and security.

V2R Limited: V2R Limited is a financial services company that provides financial accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement processes, management accounting, and program project services. The company utilizes specialist skills to reduce the delivery costs, etc.

“Intelligent automation is becoming a big part of our work routine, streamlining tasks at greater speed and scaling what’s humanly possible. In this issue, Analytics Insight aims to recognize and celebrate intelligent automation solution providers that are helping the world deliver cognition similar to the human brain,” says Adilin Beatrice, Senior Analyst at Analytics Insight.

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