DragonBite, Loyalty Points on the Blockchain, Webapp Open for New Users Globally

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / September 2, 2021 / DragonBite, a blockchain technology company, is proud to announce the global rollout of its web application. The new platform enables people to buy vouchers from popular tier one brands such as Amazon, Adidas and Starbucks while distributing crypto currencies as rewards for purchases.

DragonBite’s webapp aims to increase adoption and help non-native crypto users get into crypto. The interface makes it easy for people who are not familiar with technology to use the product. Users of the app will be rewarded with BITE equal to ten percent of profits made on sales.

Mickael Costache, CEO of DragonBite, is proud of DragonBite’s accomplishments thus far:

“The blockchain space for those uninitiated seems complicated and risky; with the launch of the DragonBite webapp, what excites our team most is the significant population of loyalty point holders around the world. Loyalty points are a digital asset, so we are starting with a consumer group and category that is familiar and we will use that as a bridge to bring the next ten million new people to their first contact with blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets. This is not only good for DragonBite but it will be a boon for all companies in the crypto ecosystem.”

The worldwide release of DragonBite’s webapp is only the first of a number of exciting developments on the roadmap for this rising startup. The company token is now listed on Bitmart and Uniswap. It will release a DApp in Q4 of 2021. Underpinning the functionality of the DApp is a utility token called BITE that allows users to convert their reward points into cryptocurrencies.

BITE is DragonBite’s native token. The price of BITE is driven via game theory, incentives, and standard supply and demand models all encompassed in the BITE Tokenomic model – engineered to incentivize usage of the DragonBite system and continually bring value to BITE holders via deflationary economics.

Since the launch of the webapp, the token has rallied more than 14%. As the webapp is the first step to work the bugs out of the system prior to full blockchain rollout of the DApp; to accelerate the BITE tokenomic flywheel, all profits from voucher sales are used to buy back BITE from the market and burn it. Thus, the rally will accelerate as more users onboard and begin using the webapp. Holders of the BITE token will continue to benefit from the tokenomics because of the increase of the webapp’s usage and the release of the DApp next quarter.

You can store BITE in an ERC-20 compatible wallet, like Metamask, and trade BITE on exchanges. Enthusiasts trade BITE for USDT and ETH on Uniswap and Bitmart.

A How-to Video Series is under production by the DragonBite team to walk users of the webapp through the process of using the app, claiming their tokens and getting comfortable with blockchain technology.

The DragonBite team is excited to bring new people to their first experience with the cryptosphere. The webapp can be accessed at https://webapp.dragonbite.io/.

About DragonBite

DragonBite is a decentralized ecosystem that puts the power of the cryptocurrency market into the hands of its users. DragonBite offers various products and services, catering to almost every aspect of the cryptocurrency economy, including a digital wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, loyalty redemption points, discounts/purchases with crypto, and more. Using the DragonBite application, users gain access to every feature they could need within the cryptocurrency market.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DragonBiteDB
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dragonbite/

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Company: DragonBite
Contact: Mickael Costache
Email: info@dragonbite.asia
Website: https://www.dragonbite.asia

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