Latino Wall Street Presents Daniela Salazar Swing Trading Bootcamp, Financial Education Program in Spanish

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2021 / What is Latino Wall Street? Latino Wall Street is the #1 financial education platform for the Latino community. Our financial education programs are designed by the best Spanish-speaking specialists in the industry, in order to educate and empower people in the Latino community to achieve a better quality of life and full financial freedom.

Our mission:
The objective of reaching 400 million Spanish speakers globally, to give them the opportunity to create wealth for generations, while improving the quality of life of the Latino community and breaking stereotypes

The most advanced strategies of the stock market available to everyone. Despite the fact that training on investment and trading in Spanish is increasingly available, the truth is that very few transcend the most basic aspects of this world and practically none teach the most advanced technical elements of the stock market; those that will show students the way to generate true wealth in the long term, while allowing them to enjoy more and more quality time in their lives.

However, this is the main focus that Latino Wall Street has given to advanced training course within Latino Wall Street: The Secrets of Swing Trading.

This training is ideal for academy students who have completed the basic or intensive course, or simply for people who already have mastered the fundamentals of the stock market. values, but they want to reach a new level in their results using professional strategies.

In this program, Latino Wall Street teaches students to unlock the potential of financial options in the medium and long term. It also covers trading with debit and credit vertical spreads (advanced options) that allow greater stability in operations, quick recovery and low or no depreciation over time, a phenomenon that affects all option buying traders.

You know what Einstein said about it: “You don’t really understand it unless you can explain it simply.”

What will the students learn in the course?

The Secrets of Swing Trading is an extremely complete training, made up of a rigorous study plan, reinforced with 8 sessions of live classes in which Latino Wall Street explains in detail the secrets of this technique and clears the doubts for students.

Whoever signs up for the course will have to complete these 8 study modules, ranging from a review of the fundamentals of the markets, to managing emotions during stock market operations.

1. Financial markets: Improve your Investor vision using professional parameters to create your portfolio of shares

2. Technical Analysis: We will enhance technical analysis, using advanced indicators

3. Financial Options: We will delve into financial options, professional and advanced use, purchases, sales, greeks, risk graph and we will emphasize the sale of options

4. Spreads with Options: Credit and Debit spreads with options, will give you the stability to create Profitability

5. Analysis of volatility

6. Where to get market liquidity

7. Psychotrading, risk management, emotional management and how to create a trading plan

8. Strategies

The Secrets of Swing Trading is an intensive 8-week training, created to train advanced investors in the area of ​​medium and long-term investments. Swing Trading, explained by Daniela Salazar Latino Wall Street Company Instructor leading this class , is “A style of trading that you can apply to stocks and options, where you keep an operation open for days, weeks or months… it is a perfect trading style for people who have time jobs. full or other obligations because it will not require as much time as other trading styles “

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