SANBlaze Announces V8.3/10.3 Software Release

LITTLETON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#APISANBlaze is pleased to announce today its SBExpress Version 8.3/10.3 software release which provides NVMe SSD manufacturers the ability to test PCIe based NVMe devices as well as NVMe-oF™ (NVMe over Fabrics) devices. Comprehensive test suites are included for complete verification and compliance of ZNS, VDM, TCG, OPAL/Ruby and T10/DIF specifications for NVMe devices. Enhanced Python and XML APIs provide access to all tests and features enabling integration of SANBlaze SBExpress NVMe systems into existing test infrastructure – all fully compatible with SANBlaze’s upcoming Gen5 PCIe generation of products.

Version 8.3 builds on the Industry Standard SBCert (Certified by SANBlaze) NVMe qualification platform. The V8.3 release provides a functionally equivalent V10.3 platform upgrading the Linux distribution to a modern Centos Stream core, bringing the security and compatibility of a modern Linux distribution to SANBlaze systems.

V10.3 supports both Python3 and Python2 scripts and enhances system security incorporating all modern encryption methods for compatibility with cloud-based computing. V10.3 introduces a local GUI interface so the system can be managed locally without the need for a remote connection.

“SANBlaze is excited to enhance the Certified by SANBlaze test suite and the addition of a complete Python API allowing for fully automated testing within the existing test infrastructure of our major partners,” said Vince Asbridge, President of SANBlaze. “Working with early adopters of ZNS devices and adding additional negative testing such as allowing corrupt VDM PCIe and SGL headers, a per controller reset delay feature, and overlapped PCI reset testing has made the V8.3 release an invaluable test tool to surface complex corner cases.”

The following features are highlighted in this release:

  • Enhanced Certified by SANBlaze Suite now covering all aspects of NVMe qualification
  • Comprehensive Python API for integration into existing test infrastructure
  • MI in-band testing
  • MI/VDM error injection (manipulation of the PCIe VDM header)
  • 24G SAS target support with Quarch error injection
  • Linux distribution upgrade for IT security
  • V15 base NVMe and MI conformance, including MI 1.1 support
  • Ability to specify an interpacket delay in multi-packet MI request commands
  • TCP/IP NVMe fabric up to 200G
  • SGL error injection
  • T10 DIF error injection
  • Script editor capability from the GUI

​“Based on our customers’ feedback, we have implemented important features in this release to reduce SSD manufacturers’ time-to-market while improving their test and quality plans,” said Rick Walsh, VP Sales and Marketing, SANBlaze. “Through this feature-rich release, our customers have all the tools they need to test their NVMe drives efficiently and effectively while being supported by our highly responsive first-class technical support team.”

​For more information on SANBlaze’s latest features, contact SANBlaze directly or download the following white papers to learn more:

Testing NVMe-MI over PCIe VDM
Python Support for Verifying NVMe SSDs
Verification of ZNS
Verification of TCG Opal SSC

You can view all SANBlaze white papers here.

About SANBlaze

​​SANBlaze is a pioneer in storage testing and validation technologies. SANBlaze systems are deployed in the test and development labs of most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide.​

​SANBlaze is revolutionizing the NVMe SAN and PCIe device qualification markets by offering NVMe testing end-to-end. We are first to market a solution that tests Native NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) for complete end-to-end testing of your entire system using single port or dual port drives.


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