NFFT to Auction First Genesis Block and Other Gem Blocks

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / October 3, 2021 / It’s been a long road for NFFT, but what started as a vision had finally become a universe, or as the community likes to call, a blockverse. NFFT will be auctioning its first Genesis block #0 X990:Y495 between October 4 – 16 of 2021 on the largest trading platform for NFTs, OpenSea.

It’s not only the first Genesis block that will be on sale. NFFT will also be auctioning the unsold Gem blocks, which means you can bid on the Gem blocks if you can’t afford the Genesis block. So it’s going to be a win-win for everyone and an opportunity to own a part of the blockchain.

NFFT (Non-Fungible Fillable Tokens) is an advancement on Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) launched earlier this year. As a set of non-fungible blocks on the blockchain that can be edited as many times as the user wants, the owner can fill their NFFT with any item they wish. The vision of NFFT is to establish a community for everyone to express themselves and use their blocks as they wish.

There are a total of 9112 blocks of the same size but classified into categories based on their locations and rarity. Of the 9112 blocks, the Genesis blocks are the rarest due to their location directly in the center of the Blockverse. There are only 4 Genesis blocks which mean ownership is very exclusive. The Gem blocks are the third most common blocks, with 1080 Gem blocks available.

Block owners can use their blocks for various purposes as they deem fit. For artists, the NFFT block can be the digital gallery to display their latest works. On the other hand, the 15 x 15 NFFT block could be a billboard on the blockchain for advertisers to publicize their ads. Already, several projects and organizations post updates and embed links to relevant information on their blocks.

So far, over 80% of the blocks have been sold in various auctions. But no Genesis block has been auctioned yet. Thus, winning the auction on OpenSea will make you the first owner of a Genesis block on the NFFT blockverse. The first member of an exclusive club of four.

Often, the blockverse has been compared to real estate on the blockchain. Therefore, The owners of the Genesis blocks have prime properties in the community.

It’s not just the rarity of the Genesis blocks that makes it amazing. Its location at the center of the NFFT blockverse also means they are the most visible blocks. So, whatever you choose to use your blocks for, you can be sure you’ll have the visibility you could wish for here.

You, too, can join the thousands of individuals, organizations, and projects already part of the NFFT community.

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