Latest NordPass update comes with machine learning-enhanced autofill

LONDON, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The latest NordPass update introduces improvements to one of its key features — autofill. Its form-detecting algorithm recently became more efficient. Before the update, developers had to manually improve the form-detecting algorithm. Now, it is based on machine learning technology.

The part of the autofill algorithm responsible for detecting the type of form now operates with vastly improved performance compared to its previous static iteration. The algorithm is now trained using artificial neural networks to be as accurate as possible. According to NordPass developers, the current accuracy of the algorithm is 99.6%.

Benefits for both users and developers

The new update has two main benefits. The first, more accurate form detection, leads to more accurate autofilling, which results in an enhanced user experience. The second benefit is that machine learning will give developers more time to further improve other aspects of the product.

“This update is a big step towards an even more efficient password management system. Both users and our developers will benefit greatly from it when it comes to performance fluidity of user experience and productivity,” says Chad Hammond, security expert at NordPass.

Improved performance without user compromise

It is important to note that the learning process of the machine learning algorithm is not intrusive. It will not take place on users’ devices. It is done by developers and will be released with each NordPass update. Users will not need extra resources on their devices. The learning process takes place in a controlled environment until it is ready to be shipped out. The machine learning process is not entirely autonomous. Before an update, developers collect lots of data, train the algorithm, and get a small file, which then detects forms and therefore improves the entire autofill process.

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