Brian Poliner Discusses How Traveling the World Has Made Him an Effective Public Policy Advisor

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / “I believe that traveling has made me a more effective public policy advisor,” said Brian Poliner. Dr. Poliner has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. His favorite place to visit is Hungary, where he annually supervises a group of college graduate studies students in an international program on comparative politics and policy. Although his public policy consulting efforts are based in the United States and services the non-profit and public sectors, part of his skills and breadth of knowledge is derived from his extensive travels.

Traveling the world has helped him understand different cultures and new ways of thinking. He also talks about how this can help in politics, business, and other aspects of life. This is not just limited to one country–Poliner states: “It’s important to be exposed to diverse environments so you can understand the differences and similarities with your own culture. When people have a global perspective, they are able to see things from someone else’s viewpoint which helps them make decisions for themselves, their family or community.” Poliner also believes that the experience helps you deal with people from all over as well as see what’s going on in other places as compared to where you are located. This can help you learn about new opportunities and ways to improve your community or city. Dr. Poliner says that it is beneficial to be well-traveled because you will have a better idea of what’s going on in the world. It helps you understand the culture, traditions and people from other places. This can help you broaden your perspective and learn how others view the world. When people have a global perspective, they are able to see things from someone else’s viewpoint which helps them make decisions for themselves, their family or community.

Dr. Poliner also thinks that people will better understand the needs of their community and be able to make a difference. Poliner states: “The more open-minded you are, the more problems you can solve.” His advice is not only for students but also how business owners, educators and community leaders can benefit from traveling. In fact, he believes that everyone should experience different cultures to get a better understanding of what’s going on in the world today. Poliner says, “The most important thing is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. By doing so, you will grow as a person and be able to handle any situation that you are faced with.”

Regarding his own travels and the positive effects, they have had on his public policy consulting business, Poliner states that there are many ways to get started. “I have found that becoming involved in international affairs is a great way to meet people with similar interests,” he said. He also suggests looking into educational travel programs or internships as well as volunteer opportunities. There’s no doubt about it-traveling the world has helped Brian Poliner see the larger world and become a better public policy advisor.

About Brian Poliner

Brian Poliner has led a distinguished career in the fields of public policy and education. Previous to entering the world of education, he had successfully run an aviation business and acted as operations manager for an air freight company. He is a renowned writer, researcher, educator, and speaker. He has travelled the world to participate in and present at many international conferences, as well as annually leading a group of students to Hungary to study comparative politics. With a natural inclination to help others and make the world better, Brian Poliner has been a lifelong learner and spent decades in public service and public policy consulting. He also serves on the board and as membership chair for the local chapter of the American Society of Public Administrators and teaches in the Master of Public Administration program at Hilbert College. Interviews with Brian Poliner were recently featured on Inspirery and Ideamensch.

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