New Deal Halts Price Gouging of Brain Cancer Patients

Glioblastoma Foundation Announces New Partnership to Stop Price Gouging of Brain Cancer Drug
National Organization Signs New Agreement With Continuity Pharma to Manufacture Lomustine and Slash Drug Costs for Patients by 90 Percent

DURHAM, NC / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2021 / The Glioblastoma Foundation is proud to announce its new partnership with Continuity Pharma to manufacture a generic form of the chemotherapy drug, Lomustine. The agreement will allow the drug to be manufactured in the United States, making it more affordable and accessible to all patients, and will reduce the cost of the cancer treatment by 90 percent!

Lomustine Used to Treat Glioblastoma and Other Brain Tumors Encounters Price Increase

Currently, cancer patients pay up to $1,000 per pill for Lomustine. The drug once cost just $50 a pill. In early 2021, the drugmaker NextSource Pharmaceuticals withdrew from the Medicare discount drug program after raising the price of the drug multiple times between 2013 and 2018. Lomustine is one of the few effective therapies approved by the FDA for recurrent glioblastoma, a type of malignant brain tumor.

The chemotherapy pill is taken by tens of thousands of glioblastoma patients each year to fight this aggressive form of brain cancer. Glioblastoma is the most common form of primary malignant brain tumor in adults, and accounts for nearly 50 percent of all primary malignant brain tumor diagnoses in the United States.

Glioblastoma Foundation Solves Supply/Pricing Problems

The new manufacturing agreement will cut the cost of the drug dramatically and it will once again be included in the Medicare federal drug discount program. The Glioblastoma Foundation is committed to restoring the treatment to the Medicare federal drug discount program and bringing off-shore drug manufacturing back on-shore to the United States.

“It’s despicable that profits are being put before patients with a drug that’s been used since the 1970s,” said Gita Kwatra, PharmD and Chief Executive Officer of the Glioblastoma Foundation. “The Glioblastoma Foundation won’t stand idle while an effective and approved treatment is being placed out of reach for so many patients. We’re grateful to our partners at Continuity Pharma for sharing our commitment to getting this drug to the people who need it without excessive pricing. No one should ever have to give up their chance at life because of money.”

Stephen Stein was a healthy and active grandfather until he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in February 2021. After undergoing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy his doctor prescribed Lomustine, but the drug was too expensive and was denied by Medicare. Stephen and his wife applied to the drug company for financial assistance but were denied.

“We thought about dipping into our retirement savings or putting it on our credit card,” said Stephen. “We didn’t want to wait to begin the treatment. Eventually, our doctor wrote another appeal to the drug company, and it was accepted. We’re so fortunate that our doctor knew what to do, but it took a lot of time.”

Generic Form of Lomustine Developed Using Advanced Technology

By using continuous flow manufacturing, Continuity Pharma will provide the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for Lomustine to the Glioblastoma Foundation. The foundation will oversee manufacturing and distribution of the drug to patients around the United States after it receives FDA approval.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality essential medicines for patients in need at affordable prices” said David Thompson, co-founder of Continuity Pharma. “Together with the Glioblastoma Foundation, we are collectively reshoring the drug API for Lomustine using continuous flow methods which can reduce production costs radically. We are honored to do our part to fulfill this healthcare need.”

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