Private Equity and Investment Firm stake $5 million for Innovative Shared Workspace

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2021 / The real estate market, despite a tumultuous season, is poised for an upswing as various investment firms stake their claims on a multitude of transactions. Among these are Capwealth Holdings and Albany Quotient investing into a shared workspace pioneered by Wirenow that is membership-less.

Capwealth Holdings, a known Investment Advisory firm, has participated in the seed funding round. Albany Quotient, another investment firm that focuses on the emerging technology ecosystem, is also onboard for a combined total of $5 million dollars in seed funding. Mohd Naazim Salam, CEO of Capwealth Holdings, was reported as saying that “in order to have the biggest impact on the future, one should support the most scientifically and technologically ambitious ventures.”

Shared workspaces have been the norm for companies that believe in asset-light operation. This style of operation comes with its own benefits such as flexibility, employee socialization, and opportunities to meet other businesses with synergy. All these help to create a workplace culture that can help keep people together and create thriving communities within the workforce. Shared workspaces also provide businesses with networking opportunities and are close to key players in the market. Start-ups can benefit greatly from networking with and learning from fellow entrepreneurs who are working within that shared space. Investors are also more likely to look to these shared spaces for innovative technological concepts. Likewise, large corporations that are always on the lookout for ideas to make waves in the new and emerging markets will give smaller companies brewing their ideas in the shared spaces a great boost.

Wirenow’s vision of a shared workspace is a space for small companies to work on their businesses in a metered model, rather than being tied down by memberships and paying membership fees. Anyone may try out wirenow’s workspace for free, but the more serious freelancers and small companies will be offered a metered system of payment. They will have to link their debit or credit cards to the workspace and be charged according to their usage instead of a flat membership fee. Whether a business has 2 employees or a 50-person workforce, the business will be charged based on the time spent within the shared workspace. The charge-out rate can be used by the business owners to buy amenities like storage space and comforts like coffee, tea, and other beverages.

The unique features of wirenow’s shared workspaces work well towards establishing a community comprising of various employees. entrepreneurs, and business owners. This is also great news for businesses affected by the current crisis as it allows them to transition into a downsized environment smoothly. The fees payable under the metered model is quite lightweight compared to the membership fees one would be charged under the traditional shared workspace model.

Ava Lin, the Chief Strategy Officer of Albany Quotient, has also been in favor of ventures such as Wirenow’s shared workspaces. She states that she is “passionate about working with ultra-curious and deeply convicted strategists in building the products and brands of the future in areas such as health & wellness and technology.”

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