The Ecom Brand in a Box Is Changing the Future of E-commerce Start-ups

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2021 / Imagine a world in which one could get everything needed to start a successful eCommerce business in one place. In 2021, that vision has become a reality thanks to Ecom Brand in a Box, created by Daily Ecom founder, Brendon Jorssen. Two years ago, Jorssen had had enough. After beginning his career in social media, he soon discovered the world of eCommerce and drop shipping. Eager to get started, he consumed all he could online but found the online education space to be rather lackluster and overly saturated with “eCommerce youtube gurus” and scammers. Through trial and error, he slowly pieced together the puzzle to build a successful, profitable eCommerce business. Though his success was not overnight, “When I first began dropshipping, I was scammed out of $3000,” though this was a disappointing loss, it only fueled his fire. “I knew that there has to be a better way for entrepreneurs to launch their eCommerce business.”

Jorssen created the “Ecom Brand in a Box” as the #1 full-service solution for anyone looking to create an eCommerce business. According to Jorssen, this is a “done for you solution” to getting started in eCommerce. Jorssen and his team help clients build a business from the ground up, give them the tools to run the business, and provide helpful guidance along the way.

Starting an eCommerce business doesn’t have to be complicated. With Daily Ecom’s “E-Com Elevation Formula” they take business ideas from zero to profitable with a series of clearly defined steps. While other coaches or eCommerce experts may deliver on one piece of the puzzle (i.e a website, products, or lead funnel) their clients don’t see the success they’re looking for because there is still so much left unknown. Daily E-Com takes a radical approach and provides clients with every detail they need to start and launch a successful business, including a website, suppliers, products, logo, systems, and most importantly, one-on-one help getting set up and support to run the business.

According to Jorssen, most online eCommerce gurus don’t share these secrets, largely due to the fact that they don’t know them. “I was tired of course creators claiming to be experts and then simply sharing regurgitated information.” In an effort to reach as many people as possible, Jorssen has created a FREE guide “How I Launch Successful 6-Figure Brands”. For Jorssen and his team, the client’s success is their number one priority. “On average we expect our clients to 3x the investment they make when working with us,” says Jorssen. In an industry that is inundated with “experts” and the pressure to go faster, Jorssen instead relies on quality and loyalty, “All our work and customer service is done to the highest of standards. We would rather take that extra day to make sure the product is perfect rather than rush it out to say it’s done.” Furthermore, Daily Ecom won’t sugarcoat the truth and are not afraid to turn away clients if it isn’t a good fit. However, when a client does come on board, they become like family. “We support, encourage, and give criticism where needed,” says Jorssen with a smile. With Daily Ecom’s model, determination, and willingness to put in the work, anyone can launch and scale a profitable eCommerce business.

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