Fraction Expands to the United States with New Approach to Home Equity Lines of Credit

Launching first in Washington State, the digital platform empowers homeowners with socially conscious financial solutions

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#fintechFraction, a socially-conscious alternative for accessing home equity in a fair way, announces today its availability in the United States. The company’s first launch in Washington State comes on the heels of its $228mm USD debt-equity funding announcement and Series A in 2021 and success in the Canadian market, with the new capital being used to fuel Fraction’s US expansion.

Many American homeowners lack savings and carry large amounts of debt due to recent pandemic-related unemployment, rising real estate prices, and stagnating wages. But there is an often overlooked opportunity available to US homeowners: their home equity. The US has $26.9 trillion dollars in home equity available with $670 billion of that located in Washington State alone.

The Seattle area has seen significant property growth over the last decade, and those seeking financial support can now turn to Fraction. Fraction’s HELOC product can help homeowners in Washington tap into their growing home value to find relief or even diversify their income.

“Fraction’s HELOC is the innovative and tech-forward loan option that American homeowners need to live and age well, giving them access to fairer alternatives for securing investment capital or solving the problem of being house rich but cash poor,” said Hayden James, CEO and Co-Founder of Fraction. “We’re excited to expand into the US and Washington is an ideal first state for our roll out given its adjacency to the Canadian market.”

Often homeowners seek ways to unlock equity in their homes for large expenditures or diversifying income – examples include funding home renovations, consolidating or paying off debt, launching a business, or purchasing a secondary residence. While in need of solutions, many homeowners aren’t interested in taking on more debt. Fraction allows them to access the built-up equity in their homes with optional monthly payments and an interest rate tied to their local market’s value.

Fraction’s loans feature 100% optional monthly payments and are a flexible way of tapping into your home’s equity. With a Fraction HELOC, borrowers can potentially cut their existing debt payments in half on average, achieved through eliminating their monthly mortgage payments.

Fraction is a first-of-its-kind platform that completely digitizes the entire mortgage application process with the development of a “human-in-the-loop” automated underwriting system that speeds up the application processing by up to 10x and offers a mortgage servicing dashboard where borrowers can self-serve and manage their optional-payments.

Fraction will launch in additional states by the end of 2022.

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About Fraction

Founded in 2018, Fraction is a digital platform that provides socially conscious financial solutions. Fraction’s signature HELOC product empowers homeowners to access the value locked in their homes with optional monthly payments. They can use the cash for anything, from paying off credit-card debt to starting a business to buying a second home. When the term ends, the house sells, or the homeowner exits the loan, Fraction is paid based on the appreciated growth of the home. Fraction has raised over $300 million in funding from notable investors such as QED, Impression Ventures, Primetime Partners, Panache Ventures, and Global Founders Capital.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with offices in Berkeley, California and Toronto, Ontario. Learn more at


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