CodeHunter Launches Pilot Program to Offer Early Access to Its Automated Malware Hunting Platform

Patented technologies enable critical infrastructure enterprises and government organizations to surface and preempt increasing numbers of advanced cyber attacks

TYSONS CORNER, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CodeHunter, the automated cybersecurity solution that identifies behavioral anomalies to uncover zero-day attacks and vulnerabilities, has launched the CodeHunter Enterprise pilot program. The program provides exclusive early access to its automated malware hunting platform for critical infrastructure and government organizations increasingly threatened by nation-states and cyber terrorist organizations.

Companies are under attack from all sides, and it’s gotten worse in recent months with global uncertainty creating new opportunities for cyber warfare,” said Larry Roshfeld, CEO of CodeHunter. “We have been working on groundbreaking technology solutions to help organizations stay ahead of these threats.”

The CodeHunter Enterprise pilot program was driven by an influx of cybersecurity incidents plaguing critical infrastructure industries and the government, initially brought on by remote work and exacerbated by recent political and economic events. Cybersecurity Ventures expects cybercrime cost to increase to $10.5 trillion by 2025, and Accenture shows ransomware and backdoor threats made up the majority of malware in 2021. Finance and healthcare sectors saw significant increases in weekly attacks by 53 percent and 71 percent, respectively.

Developed by experts from the cybersecurity industry, academia, and government research labs, CodeHunter Enterprise is the only automated malware hunting program that identifies previously unknown malicious code at scale, and offers a suite of critical features:

  • Automated scanning of entire file directories to identify suspicious or malicious code.
  • Visibility into malware seeded and hiding on corporate networks.
  • Integration with SIEM and Enterprise dashboards.
  • Faster multi-threaded file processing to support scanning at scale.
  • Integration with popular cloud file storage solutions such as AWS S3 buckets and Azure blob storage.
  • API integrations to support back-up systems, the software development life cycle, the software supply chain and other standard cybersecurity processes.

With coordinated attacks by nation-states threatening critical infrastructure around the world, the risk is greater than ever and requires more sophisticated defensive technology,” said Chris O’Ferrell, CTO at CodeHunter. “CodeHunter Enterprise provides organizations unprecedented visibility into the strength of their cybersecurity, and we’re excited to provide early access to this groundbreaking new technology.”

The CodeHunter Enterprise pilot program has limited openings for leading-edge organizations to participate in a free 6-week program to detect previously unknown malware that leave them susceptible to attack.

Until late last year, CodeHunter had been in “stealth mode” developing its patented computational cybersecurity technology that can identify previously undiscovered malicious or dangerous software. In December 2021, the company launched a preview of the core technology upon which its enterprise solution is built.

CodeHunter is accepting applications for the Pilot Program through April 8, 2022. For more information about the pilot program and how to participate, visit

About CodeHunter

CodeHunter creates innovative cybersecurity solutions that protect organizations from internal and external cyber threats, picking up where existing cybersecurity solutions leave off. CodeHunter rapidly detects both known malware and new types of attacks, adding an essential layer of protection to a company’s defense in depth strategy, effectively mitigating damage from new types of threats. CodeHunter’s easy-to-use solutions successfully detect all variations of malware — known and unknown. Learn more about CodeHunter at


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