HRS’ New Crew & Passenger Solutions Transforms the Digital Experience for Air & Rail Travelers

One-Platform Approach Enables Exceptional Experiences for Passengers and Crews, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Seamless Connectivity, Virtual Payment and Real-time Communication

COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#airlinepassenger–Every traveler has a story about when their trip simply didn’t go as planned. Business or leisure, family trip or corporate outing, everyone has a tale about when weather or other elements upended plans. These stories typically include lines at the airport, frustrating “on hold” phone scenarios, and the hassle factor of finding lodging and/or ground transportation.

For airlines and rail carriers, these “irregular operations” scenarios drive costly, negative customer experiences that undermine longer-term brand affinity goals. A study about Air France mentions that costs absorbed by airlines and passengers due to interruptions exceeded $60 billion annually pre-pandemic.

Adverse experiences in these situations greatly impact loyalty, with passengers thinking twice before choosing the same carrier. A 2020 report from KPMG noted that “Passengers will likely gravitate to airlines that (provide) frictionless access to self-service technologies equipping passengers to re-plan their itineraries will need to be standard.” As the industry rebuilds from the pandemic, airlines and rail carriers can no longer delay making investments that digitally enhance these experiences for their passengers. An earlier study from Deloitte found that: “Increasing retention by five percent can increase profits by 25 to 95 percent.”

Introducing HRS Crew & Passenger Solutions

HRS, a proven technology disruptor in the global enterprise space, is launching a new line of business. The company’s new Crew & Passenger Solutions gives airlines and rail carriers a streamlined, digitized service to efficiently take care of those who matter most, when they need it most. Combining proprietary technologies and a broad range of secure API connections in one platform, the next-gen service elevates the passenger’s experience during trip interruptions by delivering:

  • a mobile-first solution with personalized, pre-arranged travel packages during moments of disruption,
  • an accessible, intuitive interface on their mobile device,
  • supplier-designated virtual payment for lodging options and transfers, taking the burden off passengers while ensuring fast, secure financial data for hotels,
  • instant reimbursement and compensation for items like meals and services, and
  • peace of mind with a new sense of “being taken care of” by the airline or rail provider.

By reducing multiple touchpoints to one, both suppliers and travelers have a single point of truth, driving confidence while placing legacy operational challenges firmly in the past. Both parties gain from consistent service delivery and financial handling, while suppliers can now access globally-aligned data that unlocks vital new business intelligence.

“In a world of hyper competition as airlines and rail carriers compete to gain market share after the pandemic, the most customer-friendly suppliers have the best odds of succeeding,” said HRS CEO Tobias Ragge. “It’s no longer feasible or financially responsible for airlines and rail carriers to employ disjointed elements and archaic, paper-based processes. This is why we built this fully-automated, self-service solution, putting the traveler at the center with the timely information they need to make decisions precisely at the moment when things break down.”

HRS Invests in Stranded Flight Solutions; Joint Development Leads to New Platform Solution

HRS’ new line of business was founded out of its existing crew product and complemented through an investment into Stranded Flight Solutions (SFS). Netherlands-based SFS is a technology company operating in airline disruptions arena; its solutions are used today by a number of leading international air carriers, including the Lufthansa Group. The two companies worked in concert to develop this evolutionary platform, launched today as HRS’ Crew & Passenger Solutions.

“HRS has an impressive track record of delivering innovative technologies that provide efficient solutions for travelers and industry suppliers alike,” said Yvo van der Tol, Chief Commercial Officer of SFS. “Our collaboration over the past year has unlocked a higher level of proficiency and automation. We’re excited to arrive at our launch day, and look forward to introducing this groundbreaking solution to a wider audience of airlines, rail carriers and logistics organizations in the months ahead.”

Driving More Precise Crew Management and Resource Planning

Beyond aiding passengers, the single platform approach also enables more precise management of crews by operational teams. The solution transforms legacy-driven procedures into one automated, flexible process that keeps crews and managers fully synchronized on who needs to be where – and when. The travel efficiencies described for passengers are also facilitated for traveling crew themselves, including:

  • A virtual assistant travel companion app with organized, accessible information right on time,
  • Easy to access digital cash-less allowances provided in local currency, and
  • Instant communications on travel and work schedules, with fast support and feedback.

About HRS

HRS is reinventing the way businesses and governments work, stay and pay in today’s dynamic global marketplace. HRS’ advanced platform technology is extending its reach beyond hospitality to meetings, office space management, payment efficiency and crisis recovery. Beyond cost savings in the global post-pandemic economy, HRS clients gain from an unrivaled focus on essential aspects including safety, security and satisfaction. HRS is also recognized for its award-winning Green Stay Initiative, technology that helps corporate hotel programs achieve their NetZero targets, and its groundbreaking Crew & Passengers Solution, which leverages automation to elevate experiences for air and rail operations. Founded in 1972, HRS works with 35 percent of the global Fortune 500, as well as the world’s leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and payment providers. More information at


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