WaterGuru Announces Summer Debut of New Treat System for Complete and Convenient Worry-free Pool Care at Home

After Successful 2021 SENSE Launch, WaterGuru Continues Leading the Market with Introduction of New TREAT System Making Smart Pool Care More Accessible Than Ever

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After successfully launching the SENSE smart pool care product in 2020, WaterGuru is introducing its flagship product, TREAT, an AI-powered solution to further simplify pool care with automated chemical dispensing, monitoring, and advice. A truly life-changing device, WaterGuru TREAT tracks and automatically maintains pool chemical balance with minimum effort on the owner’s part. The result is something that hasn’t been simple to achieve before: always perfect pool water, healthier lifestyle without overuse of chemicals, with zero hassle.

“WaterGuru TREAT release is big news for pool owners and pool industry alike,” comments longtime Pool Industry Expert and Analyst Jerry Kisgen. “While SENSE leverages AI to provide users with a daily analysis and advice on pool care, TREAT innovates further by offering automatic daily pool treatment. WaterGuru delivers an incredibly convenient smart home solution for people looking for the best way to enjoy the safety and benefits of a balanced pool. It doesn’t require costly equipment replacements, manual testing, trips to a store, or an additional expense of weekly pool maintenance.”

Hundreds of pool owners are already enjoying the benefits of the TREAT system and raving about their results. “TREAT is a very effective solution for pool management. Precise chemical management is good for the environment and my family health. Highly recommend,” comments Giacomo Marini, one of WaterGuru TREAT customers.

With the launch of the TREAT and SENSE systems, WaterGuru marks a tremendous period of growth, with 2021 revenues increasing more than 400% from the company’s launch in 2020. Paul Fulton, WaterGuru’s CEO, comments: “We have tens of thousands of engaged customers across the US who trust and enjoy using our products. They continue shopping with us time and again, purchasing system cassettes, supplies, and chemicals. Our recurring revenue growth is incredible and is a testament to the high value WaterGuru delivers to its customers.”

“Consumers have become far more mindful of every aspect of their homes, and the pool is no different,” continues Kisgen. “Well-maintained pools use the least amount of chemicals, which reduces waste. Additionally, swimmers can avoid skin dryness and other irritations privy to over chlorinated water. Pools with good chlorine and pH balances also save money by increasing the longevity of a variety of pool surfaces used in modern day pools. Across the board, a system like the WaterGuru TREAT, is safer for swimmers while also saving them time and money.”


WaterGuru, based in Sunnyvale, California, is the leading smart pool solution that tests and treats pool water every day. We redefine pool ownership experience with our smart home products that combine elegant hardware and seamless software to help achieve clean and safe pool water with zero hassle.

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