Springs Forward into Version 2.0 of Their All in One Crypto Social Media Platform

Houston, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – March 24, 2022) – Established in June 2021, CoinMerge LLC is a crypto centric social media and trading company that released the first iteration of their flagship platform in September of 2021. The platform has gone through multiple updates since then as well as the release of their Android and Apple apps for mobile users to enjoy on the go. The platform and mobile app have been in Alpha for the public now for over half a year and the team has worked non stop on development with their community feedback resulting in a constant stream of performance and user experience improvements.

V2.0 is the culmination of these months of labor and feedback finally coming to fruition. All of the meticulous planning, long design sessions, focus groups, as well as coding optimizations, will bring the users of and respective Android/Apple users a familiar, but new platform that allows the combination of almost every utility needed for their cryptocurrency journey. The platform overhaul brings a fresh new user experience and interface that is scheduled to deploy the first week of April.

With the launch of V2.0 imminent, the CoinMerge community is preparing to migrate their community off of the traditional DeFi social medias, and begin to utilize in earnest as it was designed for their social and trading experience. The CoinMerge mission is ambitious as they plan to provide optimized utilities that make the many other adopted platforms used for crypto disjointed tools of the past. As those platforms all do one thing, CoinMerge aims to do all of these things; rendering the other sites to be one dimensional and inefficient compared to a true, All-In-One Cryptocurrency experience.

Here are some differences and features expected from CoinMerge to have in V2. First and foremost, load times. Coinemerge Version 2 is an all-in-one-page solution, so everything is loaded upon entering the site. Because of this, individuals can seamlessly transition from page to page as if it was a natively coded mobile application. Rather than the platform being one website that individuals can navigate to different pages on. It acts as a modular operating system by maximizing and minimizing full screen and half screen. For example, individuals could be scrolling the social media news feed (coming soon) and quickly switch to trading a token they see someone promoting.

Another big change for Version 2 is the ease of locating various elements. Instead of having to go to page to page and digging through subpages, CoinMerge, has employed the use of dozens of new dropdown menus to help keep website real estate minimalistic so the core functionalities and navigation stands out, and the more niche features are kept tidy and only one click away.


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