GigeNET meets soaring enterprise cloud demand with ADVA’s DCI solution

News summary:

  • Hosting provider looking to give more businesses access to its Chicago data center and colocation facilities
  • ADVA worked closely with GigeNET to design and implement tailor-made DCI network based on FSP 3000 optical transport technology
  • Solution delivers ease of use and new levels of resilience

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#100G–ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that GigeNET has deployed its FSP 3000 open optical transport technology to meet growing enterprise cloud service demand. The new fully redundant solution enables the hosting provider to offer highly available cloud and colocation services to more business customers. ADVA’s team worked closely with GigeNET to design and install a secure and resilient data center interconnect (DCI) solution tailored to GigeNET’s precise needs. Stretching across the Chicago metropolitan area, the new infrastructure makes GigeNET one of the most reliable high-speed networks for high-density hosting services.

“By deploying the ADVA FSP 3000, we’re ensuring our customers receive a hosting experience that’s second to none. With its enhanced redundancy and resilience, our solution protects traffic like never before, so that enterprises can access data and harness the applications that power their businesses with total confidence,” said Paul Ashley, network engineering and operations director at GigeNET. “The strong relationship we have with ADVA has also been key. As well as working closely with us to design and implement a unique architecture that fits our needs, ADVA’s team is also providing ongoing support through training and maintenance.”

Enabling both 10Gbit/s and 100Gbit/s transmission, GigeNET’s new DCI infrastructure features full redundancy and optical path protection for enhanced resilience and availability. It’s built on ADVA FSP 3000 open optical transport technology, which offers maximum operational simplicity as well as a compact design and the highest levels of energy efficiency. With its modular design, the FSP 3000 platform also provides flexibility for future expansion. What’s more, ADVA’s team will provide GigeNET with maintenance services and continuous onsite support.

“We’ve worked in tight collaboration with GigeNET to deliver a fast and reliable DCI solution that perfectly meets its requirements and ambitions. This new network features enhanced traffic protection, reduces complexity and also provides efficiency savings that support GigeNET’s sustainability drive,” commented John Scherzinger, SVP of sales, Americas at ADVA. “With its upgraded solution, GigeNET can provide its business customers with the peace of mind that comes from fully redundant services. And, as well as always-on availability, our innovation ensures that data takes the fastest networking route to minimize lag and latency.”

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