Snowflake Launches Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud for Better Patient Care and Business Results

  • New solution to help providers deliver improved patient outcomes, optimize care delivery, enhance clinical and operational decision making, accelerate clinical research and time-to-market, and more
  • Industry-leading customers like Anthem, Health Catalyst, IQVIA, Komodo Health, Novartis, Spectrum Health, and others, are using the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud

No-Headquarters/BOZEMAN, Mont.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DataCloudSnowflake (NYSE: SNOW), the Data Cloud company, today announced the launch of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud. With the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, healthcare companies have a single, integrated, and cross-cloud data platform that eliminates technical and institutional data silos. This will enable organizations to securely centralize, integrate, and exchange critical and sensitive data at scale. Snowflake ensures high levels of data security and governance, and its built-in capabilities and extended partner network better allow companies to meet compliance requirements and satisfy industry regulations.

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are under immense pressure to navigate a dynamic and highly regulated landscape. Widespread reliance on legacy technology, stringent compliance requirements, and a lack of common data sharing models have complicated the industries’ ability to capitalize on available data and insights. Expanding health data volumes, increasing usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in medical innovation, and the digitalization of the healthcare value chain are impacting the healthcare industry. Organizations have an accelerated need for an agile, interoperable, and secure data solution, which Snowflake is delivering.

By leveraging the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, customers including Anthem, IQVIA, Komodo Health, Novartis, Siemens Healthineers, Spectrum Health, and others, are unlocking data to deliver improved patient outcomes and care experiences, optimizing care delivery, and enhancing clinical and operational decision-making. Additionally, life sciences organizations like Novartis are leveraging the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud to optimize omnichannel engagement and accelerate time-to-market while collaborating more closely than ever with their healthcare partners.

“At Spectrum Health and Priority Health we strive to improve health, inspire hope, and save lives by delivering personalized health made simple,” said Chris Crook, CIO at Priority Health, SVP Information Services at Spectrum Health. “A key component of our integrated care approach is being able to know the whole person, and, when appropriate, being able to share data to address holistic patient needs. With Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, we can easily and securely share and curate data from a single source of truth to realize the integrated care mission, offering the best possible outcomes and patient experience.”

“At Novartis, we are focused on reimagining medicine to extend people’s lives,” said Loïc Giraud, Novartis’ Global Head of Digital Platform & Product Delivery. “To do this, we must put data and data science at the heart of everything we do. Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud is helping us turn our data into incredible sources of insight by accelerating our ability to ingest, curate and share data in a timely manner that wouldn’t be possible with other solutions. Snowflake is helping us get our patients faster access to the medicine they need.”

Learn more about the capabilities Snowflake’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud offers for customers here.

Within the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, Snowflake also offers partner solutions and enables partner-delivered solutions. These end-to-end technology and industry solutions take advantage of Snowflake’s unique interoperability and secure data sharing capabilities to connect the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem.

  • Applications and solutions Powered by Snowflake, like those from Health Catalyst, Strata, and IQVIA, leverage the powerful platform capabilities of Snowflake to unlock access to data at scale for critical processes both within their organization and in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Snowflake Data Marketplace partners, like Compile, Equifax, Invitae, IQVIA, PRECISIONxtract, and SameSky Health, enable timely access to 3rd party data sources via data sharing, enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to securely exchange critical datasets in a timely manner, eliminating the need for traditional data sharing methods requiring data copying and movement.
  • Technology partners, like Alation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dataiku, and ThoughtSpot, provide seamless integrations and out-of-the-box solutions so customers can attain deeper insights and realize the full power and ease of use of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud.
  • Consulting and Services partners, such as Cognizant, Deloitte, Infosys, NTT DATA, phData, and SDG, build solutions on Snowflake to help their clients maximize the business value of being data-driven. Healthcare and Life Sciences partner solutions target top priority, industry-relevant use cases like patient personalization and outcome-based care.

Learn more about the partner-tailored solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences businesses here.

“The Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud can unlock the next generation of innovation in the industry by enabling organizations to take advantage of borderless data access while ensuring strict data governance, security, and privacy compliance,” said Todd Crosslin, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Principal at Snowflake. “The entire industry can benefit from this live, connected ecosystem to get access to the data they need when it’s needed. Snowflake is helping healthcare organizations toward their goals of achieving better outcomes for patients, customers, partners, and their businesses.”

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