Voquent is Reinventing Voice-Over

Voquent is Reinventing Voice-Over

Voquent is Reinventing Voice-Over
Voquent is Reinventing Voice-Over

71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Voquent.com has doubled down on its mission to revolutionise the selection of professional voice-over talents for business and entertainment projects.

Their website’s latest technological expansion introduces cutting-edge search tools to accelerate the two most time-consuming aspects of voice-over casting for audio and video creatives:

  • Search & Discovery – The latest update amplifies the existing advanced vocal search capability increasing the number of results by 250%.
  • Consideration & Selection – Voquent’s state-of-the-art universal media bar enables users to listen to up to 37 Demos per minute, making the selection process the quickest in the industry.

Since its launch in 2018, Voquent has become the fastest-growing voice-over service provider globally.

According to Co-Founder and Managing Director Miles Chicoine, consistent innovation is pivotal: “From day one, we’ve been committed to challenging the status quo and industry norms. Time is everyone’s most valuable and limited resource. We are devoted to enabling users to harness our technology for their benefit.”

“Voice-over casting is a resource-intensive process, and talent selection can make or break a production. We’re excited because the intricate adjustments we’ve made to our tools reduces casting time from hours to minutes. Enabling real-world time savings for users without sacrificing quality is a critical component of Voquent’s unprecedented growth.”

These two updates follow a significant platform rebuild in 2021, with improvements focused on performance and scalability. Voquent.com enables advertisers, educators, and casting agents to explore voice-over demos that meet precise criteria for their projects. 

Our journey has only begun.”, said Director and Co-Founder Al Black. “This is our fourth full year of trading, and just scratching the surface of the release schedule we’d envisioned from the beginning.”

“The goal has always been to provide state-of-the-art casting and production services to enable localisation and accessibility of content at any scale. The media industry is incredibly fast-paced, and Voquent’s casting tools are highly sought after by top brands. We’ve supported countless films, commercials, video games, and eLearning. This year, the new developments we’re rolling out will be a game-changer for rapid voice-over casting.

About Voquent.com
Voquent is a global online voice-over agency and audio-visual production company. Founded in 2018 with offices in London, UK and Glasgow, UK, Voquent help businesses and entertainment companies to source professional voice actors in 600+ languages.
For more information, please contact Founder and Managing Director Miles Chicoine at +44 (0) 203 6033 676, email milesc@voquent.com or visit the Voquent website at www.voquent.com.


CONTACT: Name: Miles Chicoine
Company: Voquent.com
Phone Number: +44 203 6033 676
Website: voquent.com
Email: milesc@voquent.com

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