Mperativ Adds New Vice President of Applied Data Science, Machine Learning and AI to Advance Vision for AI in Revenue Marketing

Seasoned Technology Executive Brings Depth of Expertise in Applying AI to Solve for GTM Challenges

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mperativ, the Revenue Marketing Platform that aligns marketing with sales, customer success, and finance on the cause and effect relationships between marketing activities and revenue outcomes, today announced the appointment of Nohyun Myung as Vice President of Applied Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. In this new role, Nohyun will lead the development of new Mperativ platform capabilities to help marketers realize the value of AI predictions and seamlessly connect data across the customer journey without having to build a data science practice.

“Nohyun has unique and important experience in data science, analytics and AI that will be critical to the growth of the Mperativ Data Science and AI practices,” said Jim McHugh, CEO and co-founder of Mperativ. “He not only brings the knowledge and skill set to help accelerate the evolution of the Mperativ platform, but his involvement in the technical side of sales organizations will give us a unique perspective on how AI and forecasting can be used to help address the challenges go-to-market teams face.”

Nohyun brings over 20 years of experience as a data and analytics practitioner. Prior to Mperativ he built and scaled high-functioning, multi-disciplinary teams in his roles as Vice President of Global Solution Engineering & Customer Success at OmniSci and as Vice President of Global Solution Engineering at Kinetica. He has worked closely with industry leaders across Telco, Utilities, Automotive and Government verticals to deliver enterprise-grade AI and advanced analytics capabilities to their data practices, pioneering work across autonomous vehicle deployments to telecommunications network optimization and uncovering anomalies from object-detected features of satellite imagery. Nohyun’s prior experience has led to the advancement of enterprise-class AI capabilities spanning Autonomous Vehicles, automating Object Detection from optical imagery and Global-Scale Smart Infrastructure initiatives across various industries.

“Throughout my career I’ve become acutely familiar with the immense challenges that go-to-market teams face when trying to get a comprehensive and accurate picture of the customer journey,” said Nohyun. “As the world sprints towards becoming more prescriptive and predictive, having operational tools and platforms that can augment business without having to build it in-house will become essential across B2B organizations. I look forward to working with the talented team at Mperativ to bring the true value of AI to marketing leaders so they can better execute engagement strategies that produce their desired revenue outcomes.”

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Mperativ provides the first strategic platform to align marketing with sales, customer success, and finance on the cause and effect relationships between marketing activities and revenue outcomes. Despite pouring significant effort into custom analytics, marketers are struggling to convey the value of their initiatives. By recentering marketing metrics around revenue, Mperativ makes it possible to uncover data narratives and extract trends across the entire customer journey, with beautifully-designed interactive visualizations that demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing in a new revenue-centric language. As a serverless data warehouse, Mperativ eliminates the complexity of surfacing compelling marketing insights. Connect marketing strategy to revenue results with Mperativ. To learn more, visit us at or contact us at


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