The World’s First Attachment Tokenization Solution For Google Workspace and Gmail Launches In Google Chrome Store

Document GPS email extension is a revolutionary tool to monitor and control email attachments. Give permission or turn off recipients’ ability to see, open, download or share, as well as keep a timestamped record for each event – even after you press ”send”.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ShelterZoom, a leading blockchain smart document company, is bringing its blockchain technology to Gmail as the SaaS company announced today the launch of Document GPS.

Document GPS upgrades the safety and security of email attachments by being the first Gmail document tokenization tool on the market. Users can manage and monitor the entire journey of their email attachments so they can see who downloaded the file, who opened it and who forwarded it. Senders can also revoke recipients’ ability to download or share the attachments at any time, even after the email has been sent. ShelterZoom plans to release a similar tool for Outlook users later this year.

Digital security has become of paramount importance and with the growth of Web3 it will become even more crucial. Until now there have been no mainstream tools for maintaining control of attachments since they can easily be forwarded, shared or modified without the original sender knowing.

Document GPS revolutionizes document sharing, giving senders the full visibility and control of who can access their documents as well as the power to take them back. With Document GPS a sender has a timestamped log in their interactive Attachment Library built into their email interface, allowing them complete visibility into how recipients have interacted with each file. Parent company ShelterZoom built Document GPS on the same innovative blockchain technology that powers their entire platform so users have an extra layer of security integrated into the system.

“ShelterZoom was built on the premise of upgrading the safety and security of how people exchange information online by making it easy and effortless to integrate with blockchain. What we have already created for documents and contracts we have now brought to email attachments so the full lifecycle of a document’s journey is secure. Document GPS also complements our virtual negotiating platform so users can carry out a complete workflow in the same secure ecosystem,” said ShelterZoom CEO and Co-Founder Chao Cheng-Shorland.

Current users span the broad array of use cases common to those who rely on email for business and personal use—with everyone from a crypto banking professional to a small business owner finding Document GPS enhances multiple aspects of their daily workflow.

“Document GPS is an ingenious use of blockchain technology that addresses one of the most critical areas of our business: digital security. With the click of a button, our clients and collaborators are now empowered with total control over important documents, giving us peace of mind of their origin, authenticity and access, greatly reducing risk of fraud, document loss or mishandling. For the finance industry, this is a game-changer.“

–Michel Garibaldi, Arab Bank

“As a photographer I’m a self-employed small business owner so my livelihood is dependent on being paid for my professional work. Sadly, many times I send my work to clients via email attachment, then clients download the photos without paying me. Document GPS lets me send clients a way to preview their photos but I can prevent them from downloading them until they have paid for the service. I love the Download switch and my attachment library where I can track all my photos.”

–Yuriy Shaykevich, Photographer

“When you manage someone’s wealth, your reputation and liability are on the line. By using Document GPS for high-stakes attachments, I can rest easier knowing I can track the documents I send and my clients’ private information is protected even if their email system gets hacked.”

–Gregg Farrauto, Founder and CEO of Farrauto Wealth Management. U.S.-based wealth manager for affluent individuals and families.

Document GPS is available to install from the Google Chrome Store.

About ShelterZoom

ShelterZoom, is a leading provider of enterprise-level blockchain-based Smart Documents, Smart Contracts and Blockchain API integration services. The blockchain-based SaaS software company was founded in 2017, servicing large enterprises, government agencies, law firms, non-profits, the publishing industry, academic institutions, real estate and small businesses with fully supported blockchain smart document applications, tokenization and digital asset solutions. As part of the company’s commitment to improving the lives of people around the world ShelterZoom is a member of Humanity 2.0, an international consortium of organizations supporting human flourishing, and, as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, has several tools to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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