Arvig Rolls Out WiFi 6e Compatible Technology

PERHAM, Minn., May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Arvig is now offering a new series of user devices compatible with the new 6 GHz WiFi frequency in an effort to give customers access to the broader bandwidth available on WiFi 6e, a highly upgraded and dedicated spectrum designed for the latest generation of wireless networks.

Earlier this year, Arvig completed an equipment upgrade to make its network fully compatible with WiFi 6, the most recent iteration of WiFi networking and a substantial upgrade over older generations.

WiFi 6 is fully backward compatible with older devices and fully supports the existing 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, but only devices labeled WiFi 6e can use 6 GHz—a new band of frequency offering near-gigabit speeds, lower latency and less network congestion.

In partnership with Calix, a leading provider of cloud services, software and wireless technology, Arvig is now offering WiFi 6e technology using the latest Gigaspire devices, including routers and mesh technology for home WiFi networks.

“The rollout of these new and improved end-user devices brings our network upgrade full circle,” said Shaun Carlson, Director of Research & Development and Continuous Innovation at Arvig. “Our customers now have access to some of the best available wireless technology, allowing them to fully experience the many benefits offered by WiFi 6, but most importantly, the 6 GHz frequency.”

WiFi 6—technically known as 801.11ax— is capable of a four-fold increase in wireless speeds and is optimized to support dense environments—settings such as apartment buildings, airports and stadiums. WiFi 6 offers improvements in signal range and reliability, increases network efficiency and extends battery life for supported IoT devices.

“This investment is about providing our customers with the best wireless experience,” Carlson added. “We’re committed to delivering the latest technologies to best support our customers’ networks and seamlessly keep up with the demand for greater bandwidth and more devices.”

Signals on the 2.4 GHz band generally have slower speeds but travel farther; 5 GHz signals are faster, but have shorter range. The new 6 GHz spectrum is significantly enhanced, but only supports devices specifically labeled and certified WiFi 6e. Compatible devices have built in 6 GHz radios that allow them to use the new spectrum.

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