Korean Startup CAST Provides Eco-friendly Water Treatment and Sterilization Solutions Utilizing Oxygen and Micro Plasma

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedOxidizationProcessCAST Co., Ltd. (CEO Min-Hwan Kim), a startup specializing in micro plasma technology utilizing oxygen or air, is presenting an eco-friendly sterilization solution that improves energy efficiency and enhances stability by increasing electron density compared to the existing plasma method.

CAST has been developing a technology that converts oxygen in the air into plasma to generate ozone and radicals. These are then used for sterilizing space, removing odors, and sterilizing agricultural products, swimming pools, and drinking water.

CAST represents an effort to solve the social problems of the SDGs put forth by the UN as 2. ZERO HUNGER and 6. CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION and also presents an active solution for CARBON NEUTRALITY based on its highly advanced plasma technology.

The cutting-edge technology products of CAST are the MDP series of low-temperature micro plasma technology, and the SWT series of an Advanced Oxidization Process (AOP) system for water treatment using ozone and radicals. The MDP series is an ultra-small micro plasma ozone generator with 1/10th the size of competing products. It can be easily used in various fields without concern for the restriction of space. The MDP series only uses oxygen for sterilization without the need for other chemicals, and this innovative solution is currently used in sterilizing agricultural product storage facilities and various food processes. It is used in various countries such as the United States, Europe and Tanzania.

The SWT series is an AOP system that introduces micro plasma technology into the water treatment process and is now in use for tap water and public swimming pool sterilization in Seoul.

CAST won the first prize in the H-onDream Startup Ground B program hosted by Hyundai Group in 2021 based on eleven patented technologies around the world, including its micro plasma ozone generation and STCOD decomposition technology, its controlling IoT technology, and water purification robot technology which is utilized via AI. Recently, in 2022, CAST was selected as an exemplary company by the Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco).

Min-Hwan Kim, CEO of CAST, stated, “CAST’s eco-friendly sterilization system is suitable for industrial applications such as agricultural product washing facilities, swimming pool sterilization, and drinking water treatment. We want to promote our solutions to foreign countries and expand opportunities for cooperation with overseas companies.”


CAST Co., Ltd.

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